Friday, July 16, 2010

Nature in All Its Glory – Friday July 16th

View all natures’ treasures that can be added to postcards, mousepads or invitations. Collect your nature and summer photos and add them to the Hawaiian Sunset Binder. Snap away small fragments of life’s memories. Remember those travel experiences, from the Pacific coast sunset off the Big Island of Hawaii to the beautiful sunset of Queensland, Australia. Don’t forget that rock formation standing so proudly out the sea.

Spotting perfection in a lonely flower, speaks louder than words can say. Find the nature in a soft pastel painting of a Beech Marten prowling on a branch.

In the glory of all the nature, we must not let life throw us that curve ball. Instead we must enjoy what we have and grab our gloves.


  1. Thanks Sandy, I enjoyed the tie in with nature. Of course playing ball is a great way to enjoy nature.

  2. Thanks for the feature. Great selection this week.
    Still haven't figured out how to switch this account to my name.
    Rhonda (Pukeko)

  3. I loved the paragraph you wrote to tie everything together.

  4. I love the binder it is beautiful all you post here is wonderful as always


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