Friday, February 18, 2011

Zazzle Artist Award

Won a Zazzle Artist Award for my Hawaiian Collection postcard. This was in my email, though the award is not shown on my product page yet. Maybe it takes time.

Congratulations, Sandyspider!

Your product, Hawaiian Collection, has been hand-picked as an example of creativity at its finest. Out of the billions of designs on Zazzle, yours was chosen as one of the best.

As a reward, your product will appear at the top of the page listed below in the "Featured Designs" section for approximately 2 weeks. This means you, your product, and your store will be center stage!

See it featured on Hawaii Postcards

Tote Bags of Red, Pink, White and Flowers

Customize tote bags with red, pink and white roses, red and pink tulips, acrylic painting of a daffy down dilly on a tote bag, delicate pink flowers with lovebirds and a blue butterfly and wedding tote bags with monograms. All found on Zazzle.

When planning a wedding, Amazon has their pink and white bride and maid of honor tote bags.

Red Rose bag
Red Rose by Sandyspider
Make a photo bag on Zazzle
La Rosa rosada bag
La Rosa rosada by valzcoolart
Create a bag at
White Rose bag
White Rose by addmorecolor
Make a photo bag on Zazzle

Note: Send me your Zazzle links by email if you would like to be featured. There is an open invitation for those following me to be a guess writer about their online business or gift sites. Even if it isn't Zazzle. The original intention of this blog was to be about all gifts sites and some businesses.

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