Thursday, April 2, 2015

Greatest Hits of Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart

GREATEST HITS 1985-1995 of Heart has is available in the audio CD. It includes 18 of their most popular hits. Ann Wilson has a strong voice and she can really belt out a song. Though Ann is the lead singer, there are a few songs that Nancy has sung. Her voice is a little mellower and a pleasure to listen to her sing as well. I could date myself, but even my daughter loves the old music of the years that had not been born yet. Women of the 60's, 70's and 80's of rock n' roll are strong models for those who are in the industry of today. These women broke the barriers and made a name for themselves.

Heart music can be download on MP3 as well. On Amazon you can sample the album before downloading the individual songs. Can't believe the greatest women of Rock from the 80's Greatest Hits Album in MP3 can be downloaded and heard from any electronic device. Listen to the songs and tell me if you agree on the talent of these women.

If you would like to sample the music, below are the 18 MP3s on Amazon with a sample before you buy. PLEASE DISABLE ADBLOCK to view these.

The first album of heart is Dreamboat Annie is available here

Read about Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart here on HubPages.

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