Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Dog Cards and Stickers

Greeting Cards with Dog Photos

Happy Birthday dog cards and stickers are shown in this Birthday with Dogs Zazzle collection. Give a greeting card out to those whose best friend is the fury type. Photos of dogs for that animal lover with cute party hats and expressions, will put a smile on anyone's face. Some of these cards have quotes on the inside with humor about old age Other cards are funny cards with a little dog humor and a play on words. One card is blank on the inside (not intentionally). This card you can add your own personal message the inside to give it that custom touch. Any of these dog birthday greeting cards is customizable and you can replace the photos and text to make it completely your own. Matching birthday stickers are available with these cards.

These are from the Kingdomofanimals Gifts store on Zazzle.

Our Dog, Buddy

Personal note: On February 2, 2016, our German Shepherd dog named Buddy Boy turned 14 years old. If he could read (though sometimes, I think he can), I would give him a card with one of these dogs on it to wish him a happy birthday.

Fourteen is old for a large dog like Buddy. He is 98 years old in human years. His legs are failing him though he is still healthy and a lovable family member.

Dog Greeting Cards

More woofing good doggie cards below. These all have matching stickers which can be viewed on the Party Animal Category at Kingdomofanimals Gifts. Other products with these images can be made upon request.

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