Friday, January 8, 2016

Fabulous at 50 Gifts

Fabulous at 50 birthday party (or 50th anniversary) gifts theme with a black, white, or teal background and gold letters to celebrate the halfway mark to 100. Turning 50 is a milestone. It is the age that one can look at it in a positive manner as fabulous or dwell on the fact that one is closer to the grave. A few months ago I was asked to create a couple of mugs for two of my relatives' birthdays with these special words for blue and teal mugs. I also added their photos to personalize the drinkware. (Note that you can change the background color to any of these gifts.)

50 and Fabulous

Below are some delicious treats and gifts for the party. Click on the images to check out the prices and to purchase. More of these special day celebration gifts for all ages are found on Birthday Cards & Gifts at Sandyspider Designs on Zazzle.

Hats Off to 50...Not an Old Bag

 50 and Fabulous Trucker Hat by Sandyspider50 and Fabulous Trucker Hat by Sandyspider Fabulous at 50 Gold All-Over-Print Cross Body Bag by SandyspiderFabulous at 50 Gold All-Over-Print Cross Body Bag by Sandyspider Fabulous at 50 Gold Text Impulse Tote Bag by SandyspiderFabulous at 50 Gold Text Impulse Tote Bag by Sandyspider


Fabulous at 50 in Black with Gold Letters

  Fabulous at 50 Greeting Card Fabulous at 50 Party Invitation Fabulous at 50 Postcard Fabulous at 50 Add Photo Two-Tone Mug Fabulous at 50 Men's Basic Dark T-Shirt Fabulous at 50 Women's Basic T-Shirt Fabulous at 50 Rectangle Belt Buckle Fabulous at 50 Oval Cake Topper Fabulous at 50 Mousepad Fabulous at 50 Trucker Hat Fabulous at 50 Cake Pops Fabulous at 50 Brownies Square Brownie Fabulous at 50 Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies Fabulous at 50 Cookies Sugar Cookie Fabulous at 50 Happy Birthday 45 Piece Assortment 45 Piece Assorted Chocolate Box Fabulous at 50 Classic Round Sticker Fabulous at 50 Round ButtonFabulous at 50 Necktie

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