Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selling Tips for Your Zazzle Art

Making money on Zazzle is easy once you know the secrets. Bronze Seller Cheryl Paton CherylsArt on Zazzle was asked if she would share her secrets.

Cheryl wrote in an article of how the mind of a netpreneur works. Backlinks and traffic are the way to get noticed with Google search engines as part of what she learned. Here is the rest of it.

One very important thing is to look at Zazzle's home page. There you will find a list of the current top products, best sellers (categories), hot searches, and upcoming holidays. These items do change, but the idea is to check them out from time to time, to find things on the list that you like and can do. Selling well is not just finding the top pics; it's also about finding a good match. So pick some items and categories that are a good fit for you.

Once you have some categories in mind, go to Google keyword tool external. Just search on these string of words online to find the Keyword Tool. Then type in the main category (only do one category at a time) in the Keyword Tool. You will then see a wide variety of more specific terms that people have been actually searching for in that particular category. Keep in mind that these totals are what they have been previously searching for; and as seasons change, so can these categories and numbers. But don't let that worry you, this is about finding what works for you. The season and usual events will roll around again, and some of them will still be current.
So you've got some ideas for categories and product types and you've got your designs ready; then make sure to use those wonderful search terms that you've been looking up, as keywords when you post your products for the world to see. Also, update the tags for your Zazzle store with keywords that you've been using on your main products. It's all about matching. Before, you were making a good match for yourself on what you want to create. Now you're making a good match between what people are looking for, and them being able to find those items in your store. Also, be sure to come up with appropriate Product Line headings for the categories that are in your store.

Then what? There are a couple of trains of thought on this. I've read that some sellers on Zazzle do really well on just making lots of products and having good keywords set up. Others do well by continuing to create and also getting into the promotion arena. A key to promotion is that you're providing backlinks to your products. If this is the route you choose to take, be sure to become a Zazzle Associate first; and to make sure you're logged in to your Zazzle account before copying and pasting any product codes so that your referral id will be included in your post. Sellers on Zazzle can also earn referral fees on their own products as well as on others.

From there, it's about numbers. The more good choices you have in the categories that people are searching for, that work for you, the better. The other number to consider is the commission. Zazzle allows Store Sellers to set their commission. I've read from Zazzle that most sales are made in the 10 - 12% commission range. I also know that not all Zazzle Pro-Sellers keep their commission in that range. However, I've done no real study on that. I do what works for me. I liken my Zazzle store to say a Hallmark store. Prices on cards at Hallmark don't all of a sudden go up because a design was more intricate. If I was painting design for one person only, then, of course, I would charge more. My feelings are though that I'm selling to people that want multiples, and I give them the ability to buy multiples. That's what works for me.

Another tip that I learned from selling my artwork on Zazzle, is to add my store's URL on the back of cards and postcards. I usually add a little piece of artwork to accompany that. Then when the item is mailed, it also lets others know about my store.

For some people, as for me, art is a business as well. I do design work and have my business, Creative Brushstrokes, LLC, registered with the city and state. I design logos and designs for others, and that also increases my Zazzle sales.

Last but not least, I say things to myself, like; "The right products to the right people, and it's good for everybody."

Thank you, Cheryl. I would like to invite those who have found success on Zazzle to share their tips and secrets. You may send me an email at admin@giftsyoutreasure.com if you would like to be a guest writer.

Personally, I learned a couple of things I hadn't been doing on Zazzle, such as checking the current top products. Cheryl shows that she knows how to work smarter and not harder.  My motto has always been the opposite.

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