Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Apple iPad Mini Features Review

Apple iPad Mini Tablet

With the Apple iPad Mini Tablet size does not matter when it comes to the same quality product which Apple technology is known for in electronic devices. This compacted size iPad makes it so easy to carry around, handle and ideal for those who need something downsized from the original iPad. There is a convenience of being able to carry it in one's purse. It is ideal for small hands, especially younger children. This makes it so true that small can be better.

Apple iPad Mini with Wi-FiWhen viewing the Apple iPad mini MD529LL/A Tablet on Amazon, it allows you to upgrade to the 32GB or 64GB. Depending on your needs, the cost is small for the extra memory.

The iPad Mini features many functions and capabilities. Perfect for traveling when needing to stream live video, check email messages, search the internet, play online and offline games. Make a FaceTime call, edit a video using iMovie. So many things that one can do with the mini size pad. This is excellent for business or personal use to be social and have fun. It does everything the larger version can do, but more compact.

Apple iPad Mini MD528LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black & Slate) 
Apple Ipad Mini Tablet buy on Amazon

Ease with Interfacing
 photo Ipad mini with keyboard and stand_zps3wfjq6tk.jpg

Interfacing the Apple iPad Mini is no problem when typing with a regular size keyboard.

There is also available the convenient
iPad Mini Keyboard along with the Case and standApple Mini Keyboard.

Moreover, this handy iPad Mini can easily connect to other devices. Used alone, the iPad Mini as easy as a touch from your fingertips to access anywhere on the internet and the built-in apps makes the touch screen so much fun. Access over 700,000 more games and apps on the App Store.

The Apple operating system on the iPad Mini runs smooth with no problems. As always, Apple stands by their quality of products. This would explain the cost over the competitor's products.

Features of the iPad Mini

  • LED-backlit display
  • Easy flick through photos
  • Vivid detail video watching
  • Thousands of apps available
  • Easy to use maps so you will never get lost
  • Light weight (0.68 lbs.) and pencil thin design
  • Hold it in the palm of your hands
  • Face-to-face video messaging
  • Long life battery (10 hours)
  • fluid and fast performance with the powerful and efficient A5 chip
  • Record with the 720p HD video and full 1080p.
  • Beautiful viewfinder with 5‑megapixel iSight camera
  • Advanced Wi-Fi for fast internet
  • Cellular connectivity when Wi-Fi is not available
iPad Mini Accessories

Some iPad Mini Accessories to go along with your tablet.

iPad Mini 2 Review as a Nice Alternative

iPad Mini 2 in White

This photo is my iPad Mini 2. I finally found out why Angry Birds is so additive. There are some nice Apps that came with it plus the ones that I had added. Watching a compact size video is fun and nice when I am cleaning the kitchen.

On a personal note, for Mother's Day my husband bought me the iPad Mini 2. This does not have everything that the iPad Mini has. And it is more cost efficient for those who want still want quality but don't need everything that the iPad Mini offers.

It had come in handy when a surprise trip to Hawaii was planned. I was able to take wonderful quality photos and internet connection while in our room. We made additional plans for our vacation with it, since I was not able to do any of this in advance. My iPad Mini 2 connected to the hotel's Wi-Fi without any problems. My only regret is that the iPad Mini 2 does not come with a place for a data card as the iPad Mini does. This means that Wi-Fi needs to be available where you happen to be. I have found many wonderful things to do with it offline as well. Including the free games I had download. I love my tablet!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System


Throw in your favorite fruits for a delicious smoothie. Make a healthy vegetable drink. It is fun to make something good to drink and more beneficial for your body then reaching for that soft drink.

Two Christmas's ago my daughter bought herself and me one of these nutritious health conscious, drink making machines.

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet is more than a blender mixer and would make a perfect gift for your wife or husband for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System
Magic Bullet NutriBullet

 I have a juicer and this is not that. My juicer is messy and much of the good pulp is wasted. With the NutriBullet, all the seeds, stems and skins are pulverized down into a nutritional, vitamin and mineral rich drink. The 12 piece set includes the cups with reusable lids, one user manual/cookbook, and a pocket nutritionist.

Magic Bullet Veg juice photo smoothies-magic bullet_zpsef0mewkd.jpg

The NutriBullet Blender has a selection of blender options, from deluxe to a smaller version which is good for one or two people.

Those who want to try juicing but want to save some money can start off with the small Magic Bullet Small Blender.

 I recently had lost 25 pounds while following some of the weight loss recipes. Many healthy juice recipes offered from their NutriLiving Recipes pages for blood pressure, digestion detoxification, inflammation, weight loss and more.

Unfortunately I have gone off my diet for a couple of months. But I am looking forward to healthy juicing again. This will not be a diet but a healthy lifestyle choice.

Here is what I recommend and would like you to join me in gaining more energy, losing weight or just becoming a healthier you in 2016.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pajama Affiliates Money Making Marketing Courses

Pajama Affiliates Money Making Marketing Courses

Pajama Affiliates has money making marketing courses that give out the best techniques in affiliate marketing. The online courses are geared for the beginner to the intermediate learner. Whether you are just starting out on how to make money online or been at this for some time but need to freshen up your skills, Pajama Affiliates has a variety of classes geared for your needs.

Presently these detailed courses are on sale until Dec. 25th. Part of the reason is a Christmas gift just for you, plus it is their three year anniversary sale.

Myself, I have been a freelance writer, POD shopkeeper and affiliate seller online since 2008. When I had seen that many of my former Squidoo friends are part of this amazing residual income program, I had to read more about it. I had joined a Facebook conversation where all the members in this group praised Pajama Affiliates and how it has helped them build up their selling techniques.

Since the downfall of Squidoo and the changes with HubPages, my guaranteed paid monthly income from Amazon had diminished. It was obvious that I not only needed a refresher course into making money on Amazon but to learn new ways to present it in my blog.

Already I can tell how in depth the course is and easy to follow along with videos. Wonderful for a visual person like me! The best of presents to give to myself and to top that off knowing that there will be personalize group coaching available to me. I can use these same marketing skills to promote my online stores on Zazzle as well.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer on Amazon or promoting products from another site, this course will guide you to convert more sales.

As a person who does not like to spend money, I could not pass up this Christmas deal with the regular $297 course called the Affiliate Marketing for Amazon Masterclass on sale for $55.

Various Courses on Pajama Affiliates

Pajama Affiliates marketing courses

Pajama Affiliates will help you in many other courses to develop your income skills from a step by step blogging course and how to write a blog post that converts sales, to Free Advertising with Social Media. These are on sale now and you can find more about Pajama Affiliates here.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Savings Specials and Gift Ideas

It is time to start thinking about bringing in the New Year! For the Christmas holiday is just around the corner and this year is nearly over. If you are a last minute shopper, there still is time to get those cards and gifts out when you use the 50% off Express Shipping on Zazzle. Plus get those cards at 50% off as well.

If you already gotten your Christmas cards out...think about mailing out a New Year's greeting card which you can personalize with your family pictures?

Everything else is 20% off on Zazzle, which is a great time to give out a t-shirt hoodie dress with an adorable baby photo or a sweatshirt to add your own design to, a funny couple's mugs, photo cube or a cool looking watch.

Baby Photo It Womens American Apparel Hoodie Dress 2016 Calendar Men's Sweatshirt Lifetime Warranty Symbol Your Name Lovers' mug Couples' Coffee Mug Set

Baby Photo It Womens American Apparel Hoodie Dress by youphotoit
2016 Calendar Men's Sweatshirt
Lifetime Warranty Symbol Your Name Lovers' mug Couples' Coffee Mug Set
by Sandyspider 

Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Wrist Watches
Photo Cube Create Your Own

The ideas for gifts and cards are endless and can be viewed from any of my shops.

My main shop has over 2,000 cards and stationary products. You can visit Sandyspider Cards here!
Here are some favorite holiday cards below. (The photo products you can exchange for one of your own.)

Red & Gold Xmas Ornaments Add Picture Photo Card Framed Photo Star Christmas Tree & Night Sky Card Photo Card Snowflakes Deep Red Holidays Photo Greeting Card

Happy New Year's w/ Holly Add Photo Greeting Card Happy New Year's Add Your Two Photos Greeting Card Celebration Card
Make a card online at zazzle

Now is the TIME to get shopping!

American Soccer or Association Football Wall Clock
Make wall clock designs online at Zazzle

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to yours!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Custom Throw Pillows and Decorative Pillows Plus More

Zazzle pillows photo pillows_zpsbbmf45et.jpg

Custom throw and decorative Pillows on Zazzle are fun, unique and personalized to any design which suits you.  Decorative pillows for your home come in a variety of styles, material and sizes. Choose from the square throw pillow or the lumbar pillow from the same product link. Make it from the polyester or the 100% grade cotton material. Note that if you find a design on a square pillow but want it on a lumbar pillow, you may need to re-size the image by using the Customize It tool. Very easy to use! Or just upload your own design on a pillow. Make it yourself with your own photos. Find here all "Create Your Own" pillows in accent, body, lumbar, round and square shapes.

Below are a few of my favorite decorative pillows.

  Everything Taste Better With Bacon Square Pillow Best Dad Football Text Decorative Pillow Brown and Blue Tweed Image Body Pillow

Everything Taste Better With Bacon Square Pillow by Timsmansmall
Best Dad Football Text Decorative Pillow by AtoZunme
Brown and Blue Tweed Image Body Pillow by expressiveart
View more Pillows at Zazzle

Pope Benedict XVI with the Vatican City Throw Pillows Ref'd Up In Seattle with Replacement Referees Throw Pillows Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Round Pillow

Pope Benedict XVI with the Vatican City Throw Pillows by fabpeople
Ref'd Up In Seattle with Replacement Referees Throw Pillows by funnyjokes
Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Round Pillow by galaxyofstars

Add Your Name to Red Barn with Blue Sky Throw Pillows
Alstroemeria and Lilacs Flowers Pillows

Add Your Name to Red Barn with Blue Sky Throw Pillows by kingdomofanimals
Alstroemeria and Lilacs Flowers Pillows by Sandyspider

Nightfall in Alaska Pillow Fancy Wooden Frame Add Photo Pillow

Nightfall in Alaska Pillow by TravelDestinations
Fancy Wooden Frame Add Photo Pillow by youphotoit
Browse Create your own Pillows

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