Saturday, September 24, 2016

Electronics and Gadgets on Zazzle

Zazzle, the custom online gift store has an impressive line of small electronics and gadgets. Protect your cell phone with phone cases. Personalize your own laptop sleeve. Buy any of these impressive electronic gadgets.  These include portable chargers, USB flash drives, speakers, and headphones. Zazzle likes to keep up to date with the latest protective case covers for iPhone 7 and Samsung Cases. Two styles of flash drives and different speaker styles. Shop device accessories with stick on decals, hard case covers and sleeves for several types of mobile phones, laptops, iPod, iPad and more. (Note: Colored text are links.)

Favorite iPhone 7 Cases 

Protect your new iPhone 7 with a personalized case cover. Many other phone and laptop cases are found here.

Electronic Fun Gadgets

Thousands of choices with technical electronic gadgets on Zazzle and the links above go to the main pages. See Electronic Extras and some from these shopkeepers!

Create your own design with the blank or “Add Photo” products. USB flash drives make excellent bride and groom team gifts. Get into autumn with a leave abstract design for the headphones. No computer system is complete without the wireless mouse

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The time sensitive Zazzle sale going on now is up to 50% on products that are electronic related. Promo code ZDIGITALSALE

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(Zazzle Heart and some other brands are excluded.)

If these deals are gone, then look at the top of the site. Usually a special going on! Everything else on sale at 15% during check out! See all my stores at Sandyspider Stores

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Presidential Election Gifts

Here is your chance to get some amazing presidential election gifts that you can personalize on ZazzleDonald Trump, Hillary Clinton or a political animal. Something for everyone!  There is products for the democrat, republican and the animal lover. For those not familiar with Zazzle, it is a custom online print on demand site (POD) with hundreds of different products. The products below are from collections and category pages which show many different political products from pin-back buttons, stickers to funny t-shirts. Plus many more political themed gifts offered in four of my stores. See below for the current sales special and code. Click on the images and links (red and blue) to visit this site and find something just for you.

Political Election Gifts Page and Collections

Past and Present Presidents Categories

Public figures are all in the FabPeople Store

Political Product Examples

Examples of the products within these Zazzle stores are shown below to purchase. Many of my designs are original and something that you will not find anywhere else. When adding these to your shopping cart, add the latest promo code for additional savings.

Hillary Clinton for President

Found in the Pro Hillary Clinton - Satire Clintion Collection. Check often for more products that will be added.

Donald Trump for President

Found in the  Pro Donald Trump - Satire Trump Collection. (As of this writing, there are more Trump products. More Hillary designs on products are on the way.)

Combinations of the two popular parties are found in the Political Parties collection.

Political Animals for President

Found in the Political Animals Collection with these products below! Literally just what it states! These are the animals of the furry kind, whom are running for the presidency. In my opinion, the only true candidates.

Past and Present Presidents 

Get the Code
Tthis offer is time sensitive with up 60% off the upcoming election and all products on Zazzle. This is a percentage from 15% to 60%, depending on the product. Example: T-shirts are 30% off the original price. Take 60% off greeting cards and stickers.  Use the promo code ELECTOSAVE60 at checkout. Offer is valid through September 15, 2016, 11:59 PM PT. If you miss this one, check out the top of the Zazzle site for more deals.

Contact me at for a custom product.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Donald Trump Satire T-Shirts

Humorous Shirts

Donald Trump satire t-shirts are available at Zazzle and designed by Sandyspider Gifts. The artwork on these political shirts is uniquely created by this designer, known as Sandyspider. When it comes to Trump, there is no exaggeration or irony. Everything about him is larger than life. Like a giant rubber ducky. The Election Day is getting closer. Will you be wearing one of these funny and fun satire shirts?

Note: These shirts are shown in the men’s styles of t-shirts which can be worn by women too. From the one product page, look to the right on the page to "Color & Style" options. Choose from the many styles for men, women and children in clothing with these images.

Bad and Good Hair Days 

The first shirt is how we see the Trump with his frontal comb over. Many of us would think of it as a bad hair day. The second one is if he had a good hair day. There are political flag elephants, but nothing quite like this.

Groovy Donald Shirt

Saying that Donald Trump is groovy may be going a bit too far. An original American Flag font quote of “Making America Groovy Again” looks amazing on a tie-dye t-shirt.

Irony with the Golden Trump Bird

Interpret this your way. Satire can be double edge. Not always mean. These t-shirts are for those who are for or against Trump. Depends on how you view it.

Create a unique custom product.

Donald Trump Rubber Duck

The world’s largest inflatable duck. The photo of the rubber ducky was taken by me, when the Festival of Ships were in our port. The duck was a lot cuter before the Trump face was added. You will not find this original work anywhere else. Below are two different types of shirts.

More Trump products here. Shirts with pop art, Trump for president with flag text. Products that ask, “Who am I really?”

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