Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Father's Day and Best Dad Greeting Cards

Greeting cards that every father would really love to have. Your dad is a man who loves to fish. He is a sports fan or one who loves to participate in sports. He loves that vintage look. Though you better not call him vintage. Father will like to see some adorable teddy bears on a Father's Day card. He is sentimental on the inside. Tough on the outside. Seeing a special card with a picture of a father and child will tug at his heart. He will love reading an endearing poem that expresses how much you care. (Note: Colored text are links to the store. Images are clickable to the Zazzle site.) 

The nine cards below can be found in the Father's Day and Just for Him product line. Just click on the images to go to the cards, which are on the Zazzle print on demand product site. For all fun gifts at Sandyspider Gifts

Vintage Dear Father CardLooking in the Mirror CardBeary Special Dad CardPoliceman - Father's Day CardFather, Son and God CardSilhouette of Father and Child CardHappy Father's Day! CardBest Daddy Father's Day Father Daughter Cartoon CardGreatest Soccer Player Card
Cards by Sandyspider
Choose from a blank card and make a 
notecard on

Best Dad Pattern Cards

Cards that have fancy patterned designs and font with the words “Best Dad” on the front of the card. These are Father’s Day greeting cards. Could be a birthday card for dad. Or a general card to let him know how much you care. Click on the images and links.

You can find all the Father’s Day,
Best Dad Cards by AtoZunMe Here

When visiting these card links, be sure to look at the top of the page for a coupon code to add to your order. Often the sales can be up to 50% off.

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Essential Gardening Tools

Having the right essential gardening tools depends on if you are a beginner gardener with a few manageable plants or you are an expert with a more elaborate vegetable garden with rolls and rolls of plants to harvest. There are necessary accessories everyone should have to get started. Not exactly sure what you need, then consider looking over all the gardening tools on Amazon. (Note: Colored text are links that will lead to the shopping sites or other sites that as listed within this article.)

Tool Sets

Consider the all-in-one gardening tool sets. Everything that you will need to get that garden started all in a handy collection.

Here is one of my favorites. It has everything handy in a tote to get started.
Comfort Plus 8-Piece Gardening Tool Set - Includes EZ-Cut Pruners, Lightweight Aluminum Tools with Soft Rubber Handles and Bamboo Gloves and Ergonomic Garden Tote and High-Density Comfort Knee Pads.

Focus on the Basics

Don't get too carried away with buying products you won't use. These are the basics needed for taking care of your garden. Below is a clickable list of the products to buy.
1.  Hand Trowel Essential for transplanting and taking out weeds.
2.  Garden Fork Works effectively in turning the soil.
3.  Loppers Long handled pruners for hard to reach areas.
4.  Spade Square shovel that makes it easy for lifting the dirt.
5.  Rake Will move the leaves and debris away from the garden area.
6.  Hoe Used for cutting down the weeds and overgrowth.
7.  Watering Can Make it easy for watering the plants.
8.  Wheelbarrow Can move hundreds of pounds of mulch, plants and bulk items.
9.  Pruning Shears Helps with cutting down the overgrowth and dead area on plants.
10. Garden Gloves Help protect your hands with garden gloves.

A few more essential garden tools along with recipes and tips are featured within this article 
Garden Fresh Green Bean Salad Recipes, Gardening Tips, and Gifts.

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