Friday, March 28, 2014

Vintage Easter Bunny Greeting Cards

This Easter, give out a special vintage or antique looking greeting card. As a designer of restoring the vintage postcards from as early as 1900, I enjoy how to improve on its look. Sometimes, if it seems fit, I will leave a little "wear and tear" look of the image. Most of the time, all the dirt marks, fading and imperfections are taken out to restore the antique cards to look even better then they did in the beginning. Painstaking blending techniques are used. You may find these elsewhere, but know that I have taken extra care to make this vintage cards look even better. These Vintage Easter Bunny cards are my best picks to give to someone special on this holiday. A thumbprint is on record, no copying allowed.

Find these cards, postcards, and other Vintage Easter gifts on here.

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