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Adorable Beagle T-Shirts Gifts by Sunsetwatcher on Redbubble

Enjoy viewing these adorable Beagle t-shirts and matching product listings by the guest store featured. Sunsetwatcher Shop on Redubble. Here is what Sunsetwatcher has to say. Hi there! I am a dog and plant enthusiast. Finds joy in creating unique designs inspired by my passions. I believe that our furry companions and the beauty of nature can bring so much happiness and inspiration into our lives, and I love incorporating these elements into my designs. Whether through illustrations, prints, or other art forms, I aim to capture the essence of what makes dogs and plants unique. And share it with the world. So if you share these same interests or appreciate the beauty of the natural world, then you have come to the right place!

Essential T-Shirt

The Essential Unisex T-Shirt comes in sizes from Small to 3XL. The comfortable shirt offers a slim fit, and for a looser fit, size it up. Medium-weight material with 100% cotton for the solid colors. Many colors to choose from.

Beagle Rainbow Essential T-Shirt
Beagle Rainbow Essential T-Shirt
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The beagle is a small hound breed dog and has a great sense of smell. The beagle is adorable and popular due to its small size. An intelligent dog, even-tempered, and generally in good health.

Beagle at Night Moons Essential T-Shirt
Beagle at Night Moons Essential T-Shirt
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Save the Planet T-Shirts TeePublic

Be part of the solution when you make the planet a better place to keep the environment clean. Say no to plastics and excess trash. Where these t-shirts proudly when you are part of saving the world in your everyday life. Start by spreading the word on apparel. Protect wildlife, air, water, and every aspect of our earth from pollution. It first starts with us. Below are some Earth Day, Arbor Day, and every day to save the planet t-shirts for men, women, and kids. Check out the other gifts by SandyMDesigns

Earth Day should be every day when you wear these t-shirts.
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Tees Hoodies Kids Stickers Home Goods
Earth Day, Arbor Day,
Save the Planet
Every Single Day
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This Planet Needs You To Care, TPSSG
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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Editing Existing Zazzle Product Keeping the Link

My name is Sandy Mertens and I am a Silver Zazzle ProDesigner. Zazzle is a custom print-on-demand online shop where creators have their own stores. The Zazzle website evolved over the years from when I first joined. The designer tools were simple and basic. The customer could only edit the image and text if you (the creator) checked the box when posting the new product. There was no "Personalize this template" pulldown. To get an idea of simple and basic, look at Fabrics on Zazzle of how the design tool is. This was how it had been for other products. Fabrics editing has not changed.

Teddy Bears, Moon and Stars Pattern Fabric

More Fabric is available within these two collection pages. 
Fabric by Sandy M Designs & Giftsyoucreate

Anyone not familiar with Zazzle and reading this, the online shopping store has over 300 different product types. Cards, clothing, home decor, office, school products, electronics, and more.

The Question

Recently, I was asked a question by another Zazzle creator. Her question was if she made an improvement on a design and made that change in Edit, if she should delete the older product, losing any likes, views, and purchase stats. My answer to any storekeeper (Zazzle creator) is if your product listing has any positive stats, never delete it. You shouldn't delete it if you have promoted it on various social media outlets. For a spelling error, a slight design defect, an image that needs an adjustment, or something that will not make too much of a change, make those changes and click on the "Replace Product" button. As the creator, you then click on "Submit Revision." Approval may take less than 24 hours to weeks. Therefore, I would not recommend doing this on a Valentine's Day card when Valentine's Day is only weeks away.

From my own experience, it has to be a slight change to be approved by Zazzle when clicking on the "Submit Revision" button.

(Now, if it is a grammar error and Zazzle does not approve the change, you have no other option than to make a new corrected product and delete the old one.)

Before the "Replace Product" button existed, I republished many products, deleting the older products. Doing this affected my ZRank by decreasing my stats.

The pencil/pen holder shown above is one product I have republished twice now, using the "Replace Product" button. Easier for the customer to add their photos with the Personalize this template pulldown. Valentine's gift for an office.

Replace Product for Zazzle Approval Video

When I started my Youphotoit store, I wanted my custom photo store to be different than the other shopkeepers. I wanted to include unique graphics so the customer could add their photo to that design. 

I can make my older products easier for the customer without a subtle visual change. This video will show how simple it is. 

Watch Video on Youtube for the Largest View

That is it. Has this helped?

Comments on this blog and on the Youtube video are appreciated.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Free Images to Use For Zazzle or POD Stores

Where can you get free images to use for your Zazzle stores or any print-on-demand stores? 

For commercial use and are not trademarked or copyrighted. Look for images in the public domain, free to use or to buy for a small fee with a license to use commercially. Some image websites have requirements. Give appropriate credit. Provide a link to the photo license, and indicate if you made alterations. Some sites don't require attribution. The majority of these sites have license terms that you must read. In all cases of free-to-use sites, it is better to modify the images downloaded.


Google images or any browser images are not FREE to use. These are images that are all over the internet. Free and copyrighted. You need to go to the sites to see if they are available. 


Known named images are more than likely trademarked. You can use something like this only if the POD site allows that particular Fan Art. Not getting into that right now, but there are rules which you must follow.


Often you can type the name in the browser search to find out if it is trademarked or copyrighted. For the US, you can look here.


A handful of places to find images to use in your stores. Search in your browser for more. Comment under this post to add more image sites for free or at little cost. Read the license terms.

Overall, the best images to use are the graphics, art, and photos owned by you.


Public Domain Pictures

Free and Premium downloads. The difference is the image size.



 Free downloads 


 Free downloads



 Free downloads. Alter for commercial use on products.

Creative Fabrica

Free and paid graphics from Creative Fabrica.



Limited free to download.


For a small price and up, graphic images are offered by some storekeepers for instant downloads. Look to see if they are offering a commercial use license for your print-on-demand stores. If you don't have an Etsy account, click on the "Open a Shop Today" button shown when you click on the link. Otherwise, you can sign in to your account.

Note: when downloading commercials use graphics from Etsy. Often the storekeeper will show you what you can do with the graphics as in a card for the listing photo. Unless noted by the storekeeper, that is only for show and not allowed for you to use. Only with the individual graphics you buy can you create your creation.

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