Thursday, September 14, 2023

T-Shirts & Socks Halloween Gaming Aquarius Patriotic Redbubble

The gift ideas presented in this blog article are shared from an email that showcases a range of unisex t-shirts and socks from SandySpider Gift Designs on Redbubble. These products are designed to help you find your thing! The collection consists of two Halloween-themed t-shirts, a pair of retro Pinball gaming socks, a funny Aquarius zodiac t-shirt featuring a gnome, and two patriotic shirts (one for Memorial Day). Although this combination may seem unusual, these items are in the email and highlighted for me. The subject line of the email is "Remember that art you favorited? The one with the thing?"

Feel free to browse through the various sizes and styles of clothing available. The socks are suitable for both men and women. Images below are clickable and go to the shopping page.

Halloween Gnome Witch White Hair Gnome Black Hat, RBSSG

by sandyspider

Shivers Skull Pirate, RBSG

by sandyspider

Retro Pinball Video Machines with Orion Nebula Wall, RBSSG

by sandyspider

Gnome Aquarius Zodiac Astrology Sign Angel RBSG

by sandyspider

American Flag Rockets Military Patriotic Holidays, RBSG

by sandyspider

Memorial Day Honoring All Who Served USA Flag Map, RBSG

by sandyspider

If you are looking for a unique design on a product, please contact Sandy at If I don't have or cannot create what you are looking for, I will help you find it.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Only Like Good Things Not Bad T-Shirts on Zazzle

Finding an original quote on a t-shirt is not always easy. Sometimes a light conversation between two people can spark an idea. Life is good with the simple things in life. Relax with your favorite beverage, watch TV from your home cinema, or listen to quality music. That is part of a conversation with a Facebook and fellow Zazzle storekeeper. Yassine added, "I only like good things."

My follow-up answer was, "I don't like bad things."

We had a moment where we agreed that the two phrases would look good on a shirt. Usually, I don't collaborate with people, though we decided to each come up with our versions. Interesting to see what the other designer comes up with.

Here are the t-shirts from our Zazzle stores. Click on the images and links below to view the shirts on the Zazzle site.

The unisex, men's, and women's t-shirts are 100% cotton and comfortable. The shirts fit true to size. Other colored shirts and styles for men, women, and children are easy to switch to with the "See more" pulldown on the Zazzle site.

I like good things like designing on Zazzle. Be sure to look over both our stores there. There is always a special sale going on. The code is automatic most of the time taken off in the shopping cart. Otherwise, add the code you see on the product pages. Up to 50% off sales!

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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Christmas in July on Zazzle Personalized Gifts

Enjoy these custom and personalized gift ideas to get an early start on Christmas in July. These products are on sale on Zazzle as part of Black Friday Week in July. Savings money on gifts does not have to start the day after Thanksgiving. Up to 50% OFF SALE Now! If you read this after the sale, check out any items below for the promo code to add to your cart. The links and pictures below lead to the products on the Zazzle site. Give a phone case for someone in your family, a golf club cover, or something for the home, like a shower curtain, or decorative ceramic tile. (Click the colored text and images to go to product pages.)

Monogram Gingham Check Multicolored Pattern Speck iPhone 12 Pro Max CaseWallace Tartan Blue & Green Golf Club Putter CoverSpectrum of Horizontal Colors -4 Shower CurtainSea and Sky Blue and Green Gradient Tile

Funny t-shirts, magical unicorn t-shirts, and hoodies for the woman, child, and baby in your life. Beginning with the Eyebrows on Fleek fashion and gifts. The Unicorn Flag Mane has gift ideas for everyone.

White Eyebrows on Fleek Trendy Flawless Style, ZFJ Baby BodysuitWhite Eyebrows on Fleek Trendy Flawless Style, ZFJ T-ShirtUnicorn Mint Green Patriotic USA Flag Mane Girls T-ShirtUnicorn Off White Patriotic USA Flag Mane Cartoon Hoodie

Vinyl shark stickers to place on your laptop or anywhere. A custom photo mug where you can add two photos in a silver image frame and add a name. Capri leggings with a fun red heart balloon pattern.

Shark Fish Marine Animal Gray & Colored Add Name StickerCustom Baby Photos & Name in Fancy Silver Frame Coffee MugRed Heart Girly Fun Chic Balloon Pattern White Capri Leggings

More gift ideas are within these collection pages. Check out all of my Zazzle Stores for a little of everything. Plus Christmas party cards and invitations.

Travel Destination Wall Clocks
Travel Destination Wall Clocks
by Traveldestinations Designs

There is something for everyone. Shop the Sandy M Stores on Zazzle
Contact Sandy at for a gift or card just for you.

The sales go on even after Black Friday Week with Zazzle Coupons

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Flag Holidays & Potatoes Unisex T-Shirts on Redbubble

Check out the unisex patriotic American flag and funny potato Classic T-shirts by the Sandyspider store on Redbubble. You might be wondering what potatoes and patriotism have in common. There's a running joke about dictators being called "dick-tators." Patriotism and potatoes represent the desire to obtain and maintain freedom for one's country. Even though some American flag holidays have passed, you can still wear these shirts anytime to show your love for your country. These shirts are available in various styles, colors, and sizes for both men and women. Click on the images below to learn more about these t-shirts and matching products, and find your thing.
American Flag Rockets Military Patriotic Holidays, RBSG

by sandyspider

Memorial Day Honoring All Who Served USA Flag Map, RBSG

by sandyspider

Eagle in American Flag Rockets Patriotic Holidays, RBSG

by sandyspider

Top Hat Skull American Flag Stars Patriotic Holidays, RBSG

by sandyspider

Good Mashed Potato Great Luxuries Of Life Kawaii Potato, RBSSG

by sandyspider

Mourning the French Fries, Funny, Joke, Potato, Potatoes, Fries

by sandyspider

The Classic Unisex T-Shirts shown above are:

American Flag Rockets Military Patriotic Holidays Classic T-Shirt

Memorial Day Honoring All Who Served USA Flag Map Classic T-Shirt

Eagle in American Flag Rockets Patriotic Holidays Classic T-Shirt

Top Hat Skull American Flag Stars Patriotic Holidays Classic T-Shirt

Good Mashed Potato Great Luxuries Of Life Kawaii Potato Classic T-Shirt

Mourning the French Fries Potatoes Classic Unisex T-Shirt

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