Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sugar Glider Wall Clocks

Sugar Gliders on wall clocks are amazing. These adorable exotic pets love sweets which is the reason for part of their name. The glider part of their name comes from the fact that they can glide in the air. Just like a flying squirrel. Do you know what time it is? Always have track of the time with these darling sugar glider wall clocks on Zazzle. Shown here are the medium 8" round size clocks that are available. With these links, you can customize these for the large 8: round clocks or the 10.75" x 10.75" Square clocks. If sugar gliders are not the photo that you would like to see on your clock, just exchange it with one of your own. Add some text to it and you will have a customize clock for yourself or to give out as a gift. Check the top of the Zazzle page. There usually is some kind of promotion going on where you can save money on many of your purchases.

Baby Sugar Gliders Clock
Baby Sugar Gliders Clock by kingdomofanimals
Find another Wall Clock online at

Monday, December 2, 2013

Double Christmas Gift Tags

What a deal getting 200 gift tags for Christmas presents for the price of one set of cards. Just cut on the light line. One package can have the funny Santa Claus with his side kick deer. The other package can have the cartoon mouse writing out a list for Santa. These gift tags will last for years to come for Christmas presents.

Friday, November 22, 2013

German Shepherd Needs Food Scarf

This is the time to get your scarves at Zazzle. The weather is getting cold and you can replace this photo to one of your own. Unless you love this awesome German Shepherd scarf.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sugar Glider and GSD Business Card and Gift Tags

These sugar glider and German Shepherd business cards and Christmas gift tags are ideal in two ways. Business cards on Zazzle do not have to be use just for a business.

This is the first way that a person would use it as a business card. These are important and just like you that need to stand out with a catchy image or photo along with your company's name, address, phone/fax number and website. The sugar glider or German Shepherd would work well with an animal business.

The second way to use the Kingdomofanimals on Zazzle business cards would be as gift tags for Christmas or any other occasion. There are a few different sizes. Shown here is the regular business card size along with a skinner card that one would see on presents. Either would work well. If you have your own ideas and photos; you may click on any of these cards to create your own business card or gift card. Just use these as your template. All the photos and text are easy to customize.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Animal Posters on a Budget

Animals look amazing on posters. On Zazzle you can have posters on very large wall hung sizes (depending on the image) to very small size posters. The very small size posters are for those who want something small on little money. These are my picks for small posters, though they come in large sizes as well. They all have been family pets.
Young Sugar Glider Poster by kingdomofanimals
Browse additional posters and prints from

Save more money when you buy postcard on Zazzle of your favorite pets.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Flags and Fireworks Gifts

These are flags and fireworks on products that recently sold on Zazzle. You too can have one or all of these popular gifts too. Be sure to check at the top of the page once you sign in after clicking on any of the links below. Zazzle often has special sales going on. These codes will not work on any purchase from other shopkeepers. Only those who keep their royalty low will these specials work. You can always trust Sandyspider Gifts and the other nine shops that she owns to be at this low royalty mark-up. This way all the special sales codes that Zazzle offers on their products will work during check out.

The American flag is a popular item any time of year. With the patriotic holidays coming up these make special gifts for your family, friends and you. The flag pattern tie is wild and cool. Where the simple polo shirt with the American flag in the USA text on the pocket is not overdone and adds a touch of class.

The Marine Corp, American Flag, Bald Eagle and Fireworks are as patriotic as one can get. Enjoy this for Veterans Day, Independence Day, Patriotic Day, or any day.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Travel, Food and Flowers on Gifts

Everyone loves souvenir t-shirts of great places to visit, as in the Niagara Falls t-shirt that is a collection of four photos on one shirt. Food on clothes is fund to wear even for neckties, like the Fruity Italian Sundae Necktie. A fun shirt to give to one's baby is the Forget Baby Food Give Me Pizza Baby T-shirt, which is shown here as a one piece outfit. This one is very popular and the parents know that their baby would prefer pizza.

Beautiful purple flowers of spring and summer on an iPhone case is nice to have to protect your phone and give it some extra style. There is a play on cleaver words with "Think Outside! No box required!" added to the design.

All of these have in common that they are items recently had sold and they remind me of springtime and summertime.

The iPhone case is from another Zazzler. If you have a shop there too and would like to be featured, just send me a message.

Niagara Falls New York Tshirt
Niagara Falls New York Tshirt by TravelDestinations
Make unique custom t shirts no minimum at Zazzle.

Forget Baby Food Give Me Pizza Baby T-shirt
Forget Baby Food Give Me Pizza Baby T-shirt by Sandyspider
Check out other Pepperoni pizza T-Shirts at

Friday, April 26, 2013

Soldiers, Malaria and Arizona Gifts

What does gifts, soldiers, malaria and Arizona have in common?

I can tell you that malaria was an epidemic among overseas soldiers during WWII and many lost their life's to this. According to an article in Army Times on Mar. 27, 2013, malaria is at the highest rate in nine years for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

What about Arizona?

The soldier that got sick from malaria was from Arizona.

What these gifts all have in common is that they are three of my bestsellers for this week, though it isn't over yet.

Take a look at these and other gifts on Sandyspider Gifts

Friday, February 22, 2013

Vintage St. Patrick's Day Magnets

St. Patrick’s Day refrigerator magnets that recently sold on Sandyspider Designs on Zazzle. Everyone loves a bit of the Irish and if you are like me, my refrigerator is loaded with decorative magnets. Not only do they add to an otherwise boring looking door on the refrigerator, magnets serve the purpose of holding important notes for reminders of appointments and other things that you may forget about. But seeing them on a place that you visit everyday is a smart way to remind you of these things.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vintage Valentine's Mugs

Vintage Valentines on mugs is a sweet gift to buy for your loved one. Use a mug for coffee or tea or add some of her favorite chocolates. Hide the engagement ring within the mug. Please do not fill it up with something for her to drink. Then you will have to wait for it to all come out in the end (so to speak).

Perhaps he has a favorite candy or item you would like to put in the Valentines mug to give to him. Buy these as a set. Create your own with the blank one below. Many different styles to choose from.

Click on these images of mugs to view them in greater detail and to purchase. If you don't find what you are looking for, go ahead and search around Zazzle once you enter through one of the mug images. Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Vintage Lady Valentine's Mug Cupid Forget Me Not Valentine's Mug Cupid Watering Heart Mug Two Cupid and Poem Mug Cupid & Couple Vintage Valentine's Mug Roses in Heart Mug Vintage Couple Kissing Valentines Mug Vintage Valentine Couple in Red Coffee Mug Boy Holding Heart in Boat Coffee Mugs Cupid With Roses Valentine's Mug Victorian Valentines Couple Coffee Mug Cupid Poem Valentine's Mug Vintage First Kiss Mug Cupid Vintage Valentine's Mug Create Your Own Ringer Mug

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