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Create a Zazzle Account and Online Store

How to Create a Zazzle Account

How do you create a Zazzle account and where is the sign in page? This online shopping print on demand (POD) store is a community of artists, designers, photographers who are professional and non-professional people. Who share their designs on greeting cards, office products, home decorations, kitchenware and many more products! Anyone can sign up on Zazzle to make money online as a shopkeeper or an associate. As a customer you need to be signed in by creating an account.

(Sandyspider Gifts is one many stores on Zazzle that is shown in the photo.)

This may seem like a silly question to some of you. But not everyone online knows how to sign in. Sometimes a website just doesn't seem that easy to find the right page to set up an account on.

Here is the link to start an account. (This does have my referral ID linked in.)

login page* photo Zazzle sign-register_zpszoocdlh3.jpg

This is the same page that you would sign in afterwards. To create an account for the first time, click on the Register Now link (You can go off this link shown here too).

Once again you can register with your Facebook account to tie it in. Otherwise, fill in the form with your email and a password. Check that you are 13 or older and hit the "Continue" button.

Zazzle will give a "Congratulations" for setting up an account. If you are signing up as a customer or an associate only, then you are done and continue on with your order or promoting products.

How to Create a Store on Zazzle

Once you are in your account, click on the "Stores" tab.
Open New Store Tab photo open new store tab_zpsnv3pnu4t.jpg

Your link on top will look similar to this but with your shop ID after you click on the "Stores" tab.

 photo open new store button1_zpsnlmljnzx.jpg

The next step would be to click on the "Open New Store" button that is in the upper right.

 photo store create_zpsechlibwg.jpg

Then you would write in the store name with no spaces. If it is not available, just keep writing in your other choices until you find a name that is. The link on top for creating a store name is (my ID included)

Provided that you are already signed in to Zazzle, you can go directly to the store with the "create link" above to add a new store to you members page.

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