Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. Awesome T-Shirts

Today I found out that using the name Charlie on a product is an infringement on the celebrity Charlie Sheen. There happens to be millions of guys named Charlie out there. Does that mean if you make a t-shirt for your friend Charlie with his first name on it, then it is an infringement on Charlie Sheen? Apparently it does!

I don't even have the words Charlie or Sheen in any of the shirt titles either and avoided using the name Sheen altogether. So much for playing it safe. So be warned. Next time you add a first name to a product, even if it is a family member it may be an infringement on a celebrity.

Because of this issue, I had to change some of my t-shirts in my lens Inspired Charlie Sheen T-Shirts to Mr. Awesome! These shirts should be fine until Mr. Awesome starts complaining and Zazzle slaps me another email. These t-shirts will take you to Zazzle, but enjoy them on my lens too.

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