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Free Images to Use For Zazzle or POD Stores

Where can you get free images to use for your Zazzle stores or any print-on-demand stores? 

For commercial use and are not trademarked or copyrighted. Look for images in the public domain, free to use or to buy for a small fee with a license to use commercially. Some image websites have requirements. Give appropriate credit. Provide a link to the photo license, and indicate if you made alterations. Some sites don't require attribution. The majority of these sites have license terms that you must read. In all cases of free-to-use sites, it is better to modify the images downloaded.


Google images or any browser images are not FREE to use. These are images that are all over the internet. Free and copyrighted. You need to go to the sites to see if they are available. 


Known named images are more than likely trademarked. You can use something like this only if the POD site allows that particular Fan Art. Not getting into that right now, but there are rules which you must follow.


Often you can type the name in the browser search to find out if it is trademarked or copyrighted. For the US, you can look here. USPTO.gov


A handful of places to find images to use in your stores. Search in your browser for more. Comment under this post to add more image sites for free or at little cost. Read the license terms.

Overall, the best images to use are the graphics, art, and photos owned by you.


Public Domain Pictures

Free and Premium downloads. The difference is the image size.



 Free downloads 


 Free downloads



 Free downloads. Alter for commercial use on products.

Creative Fabrica

Free and paid graphics from Creative Fabrica.



Limited free to download.


For a small price and up, graphic images are offered by some storekeepers for instant downloads. Look to see if they are offering a commercial use license for your print-on-demand stores. If you don't have an Etsy account, click on the "Open a Shop Today" button shown when you click on the link. Otherwise, you can sign in to your account.

Note: when downloading commercials use graphics from Etsy. Often the storekeeper will show you what you can do with the graphics as in a card for the listing photo. Unless noted by the storekeeper, that is only for show and not allowed for you to use. Only with the individual graphics you buy can you create your creation.

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