Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stephen King Novels and More

Salem's Lot is the second horror, sci-fi and fiction novel written by Stephen King in 1975. This book was made into a TV series and later a movie version. You may find it interesting to note that it is about a man named Ben Mears. He returns to his boyhood town called Jerusalem's Lot. The name Salem's Lot is a short version of the name. It was taken from a short story that Stephen King wrote in college. Then later he made it into a novel. Below are my top ten books of Stephen King's. The first book that he wrote is Carrie in 1974. It is a book about a high school girl who has telekinetic powers. This book and more is also explained with this top notch horror writer in the article titled My Top 10 Stephen King Books.

Shown below are the top 10 Stephen King's novels of my choice and where to buy them on Amazon. These are available in many formats from Kindle, paperback, hardcover and audio. Plus the movies are available with this links below as well.

#1 Carrie
#2 Salem's Lot
#3 Pet Sematary
#4 Thinner
#5 Insomnia

#6 The Green Mile
#7 The Shining
#8 Shawshank Redemption
#9 It
#10 Needful Things

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