Friday, August 22, 2014

Half-Baked Summer BBQ with Prints, Invitations and More

I am half-baked with a summer BBQ. Those outdoor cookouts can be anytime of the year. Most people in Wisconsin will fish any time of the year. Yes there is ice fishing. And I have seen my neighbor with his grill in his garage cooking out during a cold snowy day. Not the best thing to do, so for that I can it a half baked plan. Now for those of you who love to cook outdoors and love to invite your friends over, here are some invitation card ideas. A recipe card for walleye and of course a "Not half-baked potato t-shirt" for those who enjoy funny clothing.

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Here are some invitation to that cookout and some interesting Zazzle related gifts. Found on Zazzle at
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Mr. Barbecue Apron Someone Say Shrimp Aprons Mosquitoes - Sucks to Be You! Apron Barbecue Party Invitation Barbecue Vegetable Kabobs Party Invitation invitation
 Of course since I am half-baked, wearing this funny and fun baked potato shirt with sour cream will be the hit of the cookout.

Not Half Baked! T-Shirt
Not Half Baked! T-Shirt by Sandyspider
Shop for Baked potato T-Shirts online at

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