Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Coronavirus T-Shirts by Sandyspider AOW

Coronavirus Pandemic T-Shirts are available on Art of Where (AOW) by Sandyspider. Shirt designs include vintage to modern artwork. The Mona Lisa is the masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance and the most parodied Work of Art in the world. It only seems fitting that she is in a mask with blue gloves along with the virus floating in the air. One could say that this is a masterpiece of Sandyspider Gifts Designs.

Shown below are the unisex and women's COVID-19 related t-shirts. If you are familiar with the brands, you should note that Bella Canvas 6004 is a favorite women's tee. A fitted shirt and may run a size small for some. (If in doubt, order a size up). The unisex t-shirt, which both men and women can wear, is a looser fit and more true to size. AOW offers two brand types: The Milltex Unisex Lightweight Tee, which is a budget-friendly shirt. The Bella Canvas 3001 (my favorite) fits perfectly for many body types.

Most of these are clickable images to these shirts, available to view and purchase on AOW. Colored text are links. Examples of designs are the Mona Lisa, Well Bee, Warning Coronavirus, Give Corona No Chance, Wash Your Hands designs with a raccoon, and The Retro Lady. There are 17 themed shirts for unisex and women styles.

Coronavirus and Wash Your Hands Unisex Tees

Home Ticket to Stay Home to Save Lives Coronavirus Unisex T-Shirt, AOWSDGEmpty Toilet Paper Roll with Safety First Message Unisex T-Shirt, AOWSDG

Coronavirus & Wash Your Hands Women's Tees

Coronavirus and Medical Supplies Be Safe Women's Tee, AOWSDGCover Your Mouth Safety First to Bear Coronavirus Women's Tee, AOWSGD

Coronavirus designed products from Sandyspider Gifts Design are also available on Redbubble and TeePublic. Contact admin@giftsyoutreasure.com if you don't see, or want to view these from Sandyspider at Zazzle.

Update FabPeople on Zazzle has Mona Lisa Shirts and products.

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