Friday, May 1, 2020

Mona Lisa Coronavirus Gifts on Zazzle

Gifts with a unique take on the Mona Lisa and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on face masks, t-shirts, pillows, puzzles, mugs, bandanas 
and more. The Mona Lisa painting by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci is the most visited and parodied work from this Renaissance artist. Sandyspider Gifts Design has an original concept design of the Mona Lisa with the Coronavirus. Featuring this artwork with Mona practicing safety first wearing PPE. Going beyond her wearing the face mask on this famous painting, The red Coronavirus floats in the air, abstract artwork on both sides of the vertical sized painting. And blue medical gloves to complete the look. FabPeople is one of the Sandyspider Stores. Click on the images and colored links to view these on Zazzle.

Mona Lisa Coronavirus Gifts

Note: If you would like to see the Mona Lisa Coronavirus design on other products on Zazzle not available by FabPeople, then scroll down on the product page to find "
Transfer design to a product". Most of these products will have it available below the product on the page. If you need help, please contact Sandy at

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Other stores with the Mona Lisa design are featured on Redbubble (72 products), TeePublic (22 products), and the women’s tees and unisex t-shirts on Artofwhere. These are Sandyspider Designs. If you see this image on products by a another name on other sites, then it is illegally copied. Please contact Sandy at with a link to the copycat. Plus, if you want to see more of this design on products or a custom product, please use the contact email address.

Disposable Face Masks

Disposable Face Masks [Limit 10 per order]
Disposable Face Masks [Limit 10 per order]
by zazzle

Zazzle has a limit per order of disposable face masks. You can place separate orders. Compare prices with disposable face masks on Amazon. With the face masks, be sure to stock up on face masks carbon filters, also available on Amazon.

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