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Golf Accessories for Beginners

The Basic Set of Golf Accessories for the Novice Player

A round of golf as a novice player can be overwhelming. Finding out what is needed in the basic golf accessories for beginners can be nerve wracking. It can be a hassle if you don't know where to look. Be aware of the cost of this activity. As a hobby, it can become expensive. Start out with a basic set of golf equipment. Later on, you can build onto that. Do your research and invest in the right golf clubs and bag. Other golf accessories includes extra balls (especially for the beginner) golf tees and glove. Keep in mind the membership fees if you decide to join a country club. The golf course rates can variety from place to place.

The necessary golf equipment shown below is outlined for the beginner's guild to golf accessories. Which you cannot go without, ever!

Golf Accessories Begin with the Golf Club Set

With all golf club setsgolf accessories there is a range in prices and it all depends on if this is a hobby with an occasional golf outing. Perhaps you plan to learn all about golf and become the next Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam. For the beginner, the novice player a basic set of golf equipment should be sufficient. Call it your starter set.

Golf Head Cover

If you think a golf head cover is not important, think again! A head cover will protect the head of the iron club from dents and scratches which could change the performance. A good cover will be thick enough and cushioned for maximum protection. Customize these with your initials or add your own photo design.

Golf Tees and Balls 

Now that you have your golf set and covers, a tee is the next item that you will need. It is a small wooden or plastic peg that holds the ball for that tee shot. For every tee shot, you will need one of these pegs. They come in a variety of sizes for the different club irons used. The purpose of the tee is to improve performance with decreasing friction and may improve club speed. Tees are inexpensive golf accessories and come in bags from a few to 500.

It would not be golf without the ball to hit. Bring plenty of these. Personalize with your own images, name or monogram on Zazzle golf balls make by Wilson.
Golf Balls 12 Pack Create Your Own
Golf Balls 12 Pack Create Your Own by Sandyspider

Golf Towels 

A sports towel should be brought along. Use it to wipe off the clubs and ball to keep the dirt and moisture off of these. Keeping the equipment clean at all times will improve your game.

Golf Gloves 

Golf gloves are available for right and left handed golfers. Right-handed golfers would wear a left-handed glove. This will give a solid grip on the club, reduces friction and more control. On Zazzle, these premium soft Cabretta leather gloves are available in many sizes for men and women. For right and left-handed.

Fashion from Head to Toe

Apparel for the day is just as important. Check with the course before going. Some have strict rules against jeans and t-shirts. Make sure you have something that will block the sun from your eyes, like a knit headband visor. A nice personalized polo shirt for that is available for both men and women. Wear comfortable pants or sports skort and golf shoes with easy traction.

Ball Marker and Divot Repair Tool 

Mark where your ball landed on the green to not lose your place with the ball marker. Flat enough to not get into the way. Zazzle has two different types of ball markers. One is a combination ball marker and clip to fit on your hat for that extra conversation piece.

A divot repair tool is a two-pronged tool. This is used to repair part of the course with lifting up the grass on a shot. Or to smooth out an area where the ball had landed on the green. Use this tool only when necessary. Replace the "Add Photo" for your own on these customizable ball markers and divot tool.

Golf Accessories and Clothing 

Shown in this collection page on Zazzle below.

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