Friday, April 22, 2016

Things to Ponder Funny Shirts

Things to Ponder is one of many categories of custom products from the Funnyjokes Gifts store on Zazzle. Within this group of gift and card products there is a simple and laid back humor that most everyone can get and understand. All these quotes have a personal meaning to me, the designer. For someone else these can bring to mind their own meaning.

Then again, "Great Personality" means about the same to everyone.

Today is about the quotes on a t-shirt which take on a personality of its own.

If you love funny shirts, then these are for you. Customize it for any person from child to adult, change it to your own quote or image.

Many colors of shirts to styles from t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts, plus it can be done right from the one shirt link.

Funny Shirts

See what is on sale at the top of the Zazzle page, you may be able to save money on these shirts today. Also check out the coupon page for more discounts.

Bring Back the Smiley Face

For those who like to read a story, the Smiley is a pop culture smiling face designed in 1963. It is often seen now as an emoticon. Since this design was first created with a happy face with a yellow background, it has expanded to emotions from happy to sad.

So what does this have to do with humorous shirts?

Funnyjokes Gifts has a category called Round Faces that has these emotional faces on shirts to coasters. As in the sad face coaster that is displayed in a not so funny article about cataract surgery on HubPages. Some of these shirts are shown there but no link due to limitations.

Once you read that article you should understand what some of these quotes on t-shirts mean to me. (Leave a comment there and here to give me your opinion.)

You're damn right I am mad every time I think about it. Why had I expected so much and got back so little in return?

Keeping my expectations at a new low! Because now I am damage goods and will have to settle to be comfortable with that. Life is not so bad as long as I wear shades!

(Now if that did not make sense you need to read the cataract article but open it up in a separate tab to view some amazing and funny shirts.)

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