Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4th of July Ties and Cards

Neckties are still worn at weddings and many places of worship. Men do look sharp wearing the right tie. But they are not just for men. Women have worn ties too.

Father's Day is a perfect time to give dad a tie or any special occasion. Here is a collection of my Patriotic and Fireworks Product Line Neckties These are also shown on my lens Necktie Gifts

Red Fireworks tie World and Fireworks tie White Fireworks tie Washington Monument Fireworks tie Eagle and Fireworks tie Vintage Lady and Fireworks tie Vintage Patriotic Ribbon and Flowers tie Vintage Patriotic Child and Fireworks tie Vintage Let Freedom Ring tie
Patriotic and Fireworks - Ties of Special Occasions by Sandyspider
View other neckwear at zazzle.

Many cards in Patriotic and Fireworks – Cards by Sandyspider, go with Independence Day. Below are some of my choices. Go to this site to see more and a larger view.

World and Fireworks cardAmerican Flag and Firework cardMarine Corp War Memorial with Fireworks cardCelebrate American Flag cardEagle and Fireworks cardRed Fireworks card
Red Fireworks by Sandyspider
See all other cards at zazzle.com

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