Friday, July 9, 2010

Food, Cows and Kangaroos - Friday July 9, 2010

Outdoor grilling with hamburgers and hot dogs is a sure sign of summer. Make the picnic or party complete with some vegetables. After receiving the few links and taking from the RM discussion, I found a similarity. This Friday is a theme lens after all. It is about food, farm life and Kangaroos.

For five weeks starting the first Wednesday in July, the RocketMoms are taking the challenge of writing recipe lenses to be added to the online RocketMoms cookbook. It doesn’t surprise me to see that the links are about food.

We know that cows are a food source. Kangaroo meat was in the news some years ago. One of the fast food restaurants in the United States got caught adding kangaroo meat from Australia. This was cheaper then the grade of beef they were using.

Enjoy this fun selection.

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Holstein Cattle Gift by kphotos
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  1. Thanks for featuring my Holstein cattle photo. I have several other farm animals on products at my Zazzle shop, too.

  2. Burger and fries? dear true is that ?

  3. This is an interesting theme. Very cute idea!!

  4. Thanks for featuring my t-shirt, Sandy. Love all the other stuff here, too.

  5. Phew! I made it in today Sandy! Love this post with all the creative things...geez what a bunch of creative folk!

  6. Nice collection, thanks for featuring my kangaroo :)

  7. Hi Sandy,
    This is a very nice post, the Tshirt with the kangaroo is so nice!

  8. thanks for featuring my healthy food tote


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