Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Christmas Ornaments with Christy Leigh

Artist and shopkeeper Christy Leigh has some wonderful ornaments to place on your Christmas tree. Now is the best time to purchase these. Get a head start on your Christmas decorations. Order a set of "Jesus" ornaments or go for the amazing abstract designed ornaments. Before you check out, look at the top of the page for a possible sales code to save anywhere from 10% to 60% or more. Look over the Zazzle coupon codes here to get those special discounts off the products that are amazing. Below are some of Christy Leigh's ornaments that will decorate your tree for the holidays beautifully. Just click on the images to view and make a purchase. (Please disable ad blocker to view all of the products.)

  I love Jesus Ornament Merry Christmas Tree Square Metal Christmas Ornament Jesus The reason for the Season Double-Sided Ceramic Round Christmas Ornament Believe in Santa Double-Sided Ceramic Round Christmas Ornament vintage red and green ornament Green and Black Tree ornament Vintage Merry Christmas Green Ornament red and Silver ornament Abstract Black, green, and gold ornament

Friday, August 7, 2015

Off My Leash New Zazzle Gift Shop

Off My Leash (OffMyLeash on Zazzle) is a new shop that begins with dog inspirational stickers, iPhone covers, t-shirts and dog bowls. As described below in the shopkeeper's own words, the product themes for this shop go much deeper than for the dog lover. Personally I find the cartoon dog enjoyable and the cleaver quotes to go with it. Click on the images and links below to view these cleaver products.

"Off My Leash Mission Statement: To inspire others through the unselfish behavior of humankind’s best friend, a dog.

Value Proposition: My dog Rocko inspires me. I want to share his inspiration with others by marketing inspirational sayings and statements that will encourage others to strive for their dreams and offer social networking sites that will allow others to share their inspirational stories and the fun things they do with their pets. “Do what brings you joy” came to me after Rocko was almost mauled to death by a wild pack of dogs. During his recovery, I took him to the beach and after letting him off his leash for the first time since the attack, he joyfully ran through the open beach. We all have a leash of some kind and we have to get off this leash and “do what brings us joy” while having the courage to pursue our passions. It might be starting a business and becoming your own boss, writing a book, volunteering to make your community stronger, mentoring a child in need, running for public office, training for a marathon, learning to dance, or coaching a team. Choose your passion and start the first chapter of the rest of your life!"
Off My Leash, Bumper Sticker Car Bumper Sticker Bumper sticker car bumper sticker Bumper Sticker Car Bumper Sticker
Off My Leash, Bumper Sticker Car Bumper Sticker
What Brings You Joy in Black Bumper Sticker
What Brings You Joy in Pink Bumper Sticker by OffMyLeash

I Phone 5 Case iPhone 5 Cover T shirt T-shirt

What Brings You Joy iPhone 5 Cover
Off My Leash T-shirt
What Brings You Joy in Pink T-shirt by OffMyLeash

Dog Bowl Dog Bowl Dog bowl

What Brings You Joy in Black Dog Bowl
Off My Leash Dog Bowl
Off My Leash with Bone Dog Bowl by OffMyLeash

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