Friday, March 11, 2016

Custom Lamp Shades on Table Lamps

Lamps and Shades on Zazzle

Custom made lamp shades for table lamps will light up any room. The Lamp-In-a-Box brand is available on Zazzle and Amazon. Personalize lamps when you build your own design or one of the popular designs shown on these custom Zazzle table lamps featured on Sandyspider Stores. Choose between three types of materials. Dimensions of these custom decorative lamps are 20"h x 7"w and one-of-a kind lighting decoration and heirloom for any room. Style and brighten up your home d├ęcor or office with your original photos, artwork when you choose the "Create Your Own" lamp shade.

The Zazzle lamps offer the table lamp, tripod lamp, lamp shade only and pendant lamp, all from the same product link. Choose between silver or white base and several different colored trims. Whether you call it a lampshade or lamp shade, you can be proud that it is a unique gift.

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Favorite and Popular Zazzle Table Lamps

Lamps on Amazon

Besides Zazzle and their own website Lamp-In-A-Box is on Amazon Here are a few of my choices.

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