Friday, May 21, 2010

Amazing Things To Discover

On May 5, 1961, Astronaut Alan Shepard became the first American to be launched into space. Since then through science and space exploration were have discovered the universe in all its glory.

Discover the fantasy world of fairies. Are they real?
fairy play 2 postcard postcard
fairy play 2 postcard by RenderlyYours
Post cards made online using zazzle

Discover a beautiful and peaceful lake to relax your cares away.

Since joining Squidoo, Tagfoot and Zazzle, I have discovered many talented people. Everyone on this blog is and I consider you all great online friends. These are the ones (to my knowledge) who are not Zazzlers. Here we discover their top rated lenses.

Mammo, (purplelady on Squidoo) is a retired lady with a great deal of writing talent and a zest for life.

TinyPearlCat, (Motorpurrr on Squidoo) is an artist and a plans on opening an art and thrift store. The rocket ornament shown above is a gift from her. She also has a gift for gif as shown in my dancing spiders.
Internet Fame for Your Cat

Holley, (24websurf on Squidoo) listened to my complaint of the one star bandit (along with some of the others here). She is a RocketMom and Squid Angel.
AB Blood Type

Salvatore Grasso, (grassosalvato86 on Squidoo) I first met through Tagfoot. He has been there to view any of my lenses and excepted my invitation to be the only guy to follow this blog.
Free Italian language course

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