Sunday, March 13, 2016

Quality Custom Wall Clocks and Watches

Wall clocks and watches are the best sellers of the Sandyspider Stores on Zazzle during the holidays. Zazzle is proud of the quality of craftsmanship. From the link above you can search through any of the stores. Below are clocks and wristwatches from the Collections page. Find more of these electronics within each of the individual stores. (Just type in watch or clock where it states "Search this store". Link is shown above.) Zazzle customizes each of these time pieces with printing your own photos, text, artwork or the unique design that the storekeeper has already added. The acrylic clocks come from the Acrylic Idea Factory, which has been a family owned business since 1948. The majority of the watches are from the E Watch Factory that is based in New York.

I have bought both a clock and a watch for Christmas gifts and can personally say that I was impressed by the quality.

Clocks from the Create Your Own Collection

Add your own design to these clocks. Unlike the blank clocks that Zazzle has, these have the numbers so it really does severe the purpose of telling the time. Plus you can take it off the clock face if you like to. See More on the Create Your Own Wall Clocks Collection

United States Quarter Clocks

The state quarter clocks have tick marks for the quarter hours. This can be taken off if  or kept on. Giving numbers of time to this type of style take away from the look of the clock. If you want a custom clock with the number face template then contact me from the email address below. Find your state quarter on the State Quarter Clocks Collection

The best selling of all of Sandyspider on Zazzle clocks and watches are shown in this collection. Bestselling Clocks and Watches shown here

Personalized Watches with Create Your Own

The Watches Create Your Own Collection shown here includes all the watch style available for women, children and men. Create your own watch design with your own picture or artwork. These watches all have the number template added to make it easy to tell the time (which is the purpose of having a watch). Tre are a few different number templates styles. If you see a watch that you like but would like one of the other number styles to it, you can choose a different watch right from the same link. Just look at the bottom right of the page. However you can contact me at .

Find more watches and clocks from any Sandyspider Stores on Zazzle.

Sunday deal  March 13, 2016 50% off wall clocks and watches when you all this code at checkout.ZSUNSTEAL122

More Wall Clocks on Amazon

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