Friday, September 30, 2011

Fancy Shoes, iPhone Cases and Mini Speakers

Fancy shoes, iPhone Speak cases and Doodle Mini Speakers exclusive on Zazzle are featured from these RocketMoms whose shop profile names fall under the letter "C". Zazzle offers customization on products of many types. Ked shoes are available for toddlers to adults. Enjoy some wonderful designs from these creative women.
The Cross speckcase
The Cross by craftyblogger
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Frog In Grass doodle
Frog In Grass by CrittersGalore
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Goth Photography By: WhiteOak

When we look up the word "Gothic" it means: a style of architecture originating in France in the middle of the 12th century. It is also related to designating the style of painting, sculpture, etc.

I happen to see a lot of beauty in old Victorian and/or Vintage Gothic sculptures. To photograph the kind of sculptures I am looking for; the most obvious place to photograph is in the cemetery. I have a great respect for the dead, so when I do photography in cemeteries, I try my best to never photo the name of the person who is buried in that spot and if by chance a name does come through I delete that section of the photo or will delete the photo all together.

After I upload the photos, I take them into another computer program and do adjustments and add special effects to enhance the photo and/or to make the photo look even older. I happen to find the Goth culture very beautiful; I love the uniqueness they bring to the world. That is another reason why I have labeled this series my Goth Series, because of the uniqueness of the shots I have taken.

I have my Goth Series located in my Halloween Zazzle Gallery at :WhiteOak's Halloween. I am always adding more designs, so please be sure to stop by often.

This Angel was one of the most beautiful unique old Angels in the Cemetery.
I love old Crosses especially Cross that look like this one.
Angel in the Intro Photo, Available Here:
I would like to thank Eva, (WhiteOak) for being a guest writer for this blog. Congratulations on your Halloween shop on Zazzle.

Contact me if you too would like to be a guest writer. It does not have to be about a Zazzle shop. 

WhiteOak's favorite subject is Halloween. Read all about Haunted Writings, a collection of scary and entertaining Halloween articles.

Friday, September 9, 2011

RocketMoms Zazzle with "A" in Binders and Cards

Zazzle shops that begin with the letter "A" from my RocketMoms Zazzle group. This is the first one to recognize the shopkeepers this way. Eventually I will work all the way to "Z". I have picked one binder from each of these shops that I like.
White Flowers Avery Binder binder
White Flowers Avery Binder by addmorecolor
Look for another binder on zazzle
The Cupcake Factory by andrea_berrios doesn't show anything at the moment. There were gifts there before. Not sure what if she moved them out or a Zazzle error.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Unique Cat and Dog Stickers on Zazzle

Everyone loves stickers. Especially custom made stickers from Zazzle, a print on demand shop. Most shopkeepers add customization to where you can add your own text or image too and change what is already on the stickers.

These stickers are fun for all the cat and dog lovers. With the upcoming election, wouldn't you like to be wearing a Vote Feline or Vote Dog sticker?

If you have a different type of pet you can either have the Vote Pet or create your own. Some other fun stickers shown here is the sweet cat in a chair, a unique idea with a German Shepherd being the book guard. How about a pop art Golden Retriever sticker. Sandyspider Gifts has a pop art line called Groovy Pop Art. Just goes to show that great minds think alike.
Sold a set of these political cat stickers on Sept. 1, 2011. In this shop there are stickers about political dogs and pets too.

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