Friday, August 31, 2018

PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets Design Varieties

Amazing tablet grip and mobile stands for tablets and mobile phones as being featured to buy here. Being in Tier 500 on Merch by Amazon, I had patiently waited for a few months before the PopSockets were available for me to brag about. Finally, it happened. Maxed out for my tier of 500 products, I deleted 10 t-shirts in order to offer PopSockets in my Merch account on Amazon. These are ideal for better grip on your devices. Expand it to use. Then collapse it to lay flat. You may want to call it a life changer.

The redirect link to my Merch brand is That will show my t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, only. I find that disappointing, since it is not linked to these mobile accessories. Here is the link to all 10 of the PopSockets that are offered in my store. Sandyspider Gifts: PopSockets

(Note the colored text are links to the products.) 

Above is a video for those of you who are not familiar with what a PopSockets Grip is. Basically, it is a collapsible flexible stand that you attach to the back of your mobile phone. Makes it easier to hold your phone. You can use it as a stand to place your phone on the table and have it upright. Attach it to your car dashboard and keep your hands on the wheel.

Amazon is lucky to be associated with the PopSockets Grip brand.

Sandyspider Gifts: PopSockets in many design varieties. As shown with links below. (Note: If using AD Blocker, not all products may show up. These links will redirect to the products offered on Amazon.)

Grips with Star Gazing, Sequins and Taco Cat

Nebula Near the Star Cluster NGC 2074 Galaxy Beauty, MbASSP - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Green Sequins on Fabric Decoration Image, MbASSP - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Dark Black Sky with a Full Moon, a Cat and a Taco, MbASSP - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Grips with Donuts, Hot Cocoa and Patriotic USA Flag 

Chocolate Donut with Sprinkles and Cream Middle, MbASSP - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Hot Cocoa with Whipped Cream in Mug on Wooden Table Image - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

American Flag Colors Stars in Circle USA Flag Font, MbASSP - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Galaxy of Stars Nebula and Tie-Dye Phone and Tablet Grips

Eta Carinae Nebula Galaxy Enhanced in Reds and Pinks, MbASSP

Tie-Dye Retro 70's Style Groovy Swirls of Color, MbASSP

Great Orion Nebula Galaxy of Stars, Messier 42

Galaxy of Stars with an Array of Colorful Gases

Friday, August 10, 2018

Back to School Supply Sale with Coupon Code

We are having a back to school sale (collections page) at Sandyspider Stores and Zazzle. School supplies can be found in those unique shopping stores. Some of the school supplies below are also at Photo Gifts by Sgolis. Up to 40% OFF SALE when using the coupon code shown at the top of the Zazzle page, when placing the order. (Sale will change depending on the day.) Free shipping with ZBlack. This is offered when you place your order if you don’t already have ZBlack, Zazzle offers 30 days to try it free. The annual fee for shipping on Zazzle Standard pays for itself.

Every school and store should have gotten a list of items for your child’s school supply needs. Below are some items that should be on your list that is offered on Zazzle: 3-ring binders, pencils (along with pencil pouches), pens, notebooks, erasers, folders, ruler, personal organizer or calendar, backpack and lunch box.

Note: All colored text are links to lead to the Zazzle website. School supplies not shown in this post are within the colored links and collection pages. Add your own design on a product within the Create Your Own Category. 

Backpacks and Tote Bag

Let's start with the backpack. It is what holds together most of your school supplies. Some students use a tote bag. Here are three of my favorites from two designers. Click on the images to view these.

Study Buddy Puppy with School Girl on Books, ZWAL BackpackAmerican Flag Letter Back to School Red Book Tote Bag

3-Ring Binders and Mini Binder

A mini binder is a good idea to have along with the 3-ring binders. Use it as a great little organizer. Click on the images to view these.

Ladybug PatternCustom Avery Mini 1Study Buddy Puppy with School Girl on Books, ZWAL 3 Ring BinderSoccer and Football Dynamics Binder


Notebooks are needed for every subject. Here are four of my favorites.

School Study Buddies Furry Friends Notebook, ZWAL NotebookUSA Soccer Notebook with your MonogramProperty of XXL Your Name NotebookChalkboard Back To School Notebook

Find your back to school list

Monday, July 9, 2018

Summer Clothing, Beach and BBQ Accessories in Abstracts

Cool abstracts to soak up summer with all over printed shirts, tank topsand beach accessories. Keeping with an abstract theme. We begin with colors of green purple and blue. There will be plenty of time to work on your tan. There will be plenty of time to jump in the water and catch a wave. While traveling there to the ocean or lake, you will love to wear some summer fun clothing. Later, have a barbecue with some friends. Good music, food, and conversation will top off the evening. While this shopkeeper cannot supply the music, ocean, and conversation. I can help get you in style with matching beach towels, shirts, and sunglasses. I can even help with cookies, chocolates, and brownies for your party. Below are some shopping gifts for soaking up your summer fun.

Click on images and colored text links to go to the shopping site. Enter the code shown on the Zazzle site at checkout for your discounted savings. (Depending on when you visit this post, the sale varies on different products). Neon of Blue, Purple, Green & Orange Abstract are here.

Beach Party Clothes and Accessories
(Images will lead to the products when clicked on)

Neon of BPGO All-Over-Print Racerback Tank TopNeon of BPGO Colors Men's Am Ap POA Panel T-ShirtNeon Blue, Purple, Green & Orange Kids Flip FlopsNeon of Blue, Purple, Green & Orange SunglassesNeon of Colors Life's a Beach Jumbo Tote Bag ZSSPGNeon of BPGO Colors Pattern Beach Towel ZSSPG

Shirts, Flip-flops, Sunglasses, Totes Bag and Beach Towel
by Sandyspider

BBQ Desserts

We had fun at the beach. Now is the time for the barbecue. Told you I would bring dessert. Here are some dipped Oreos, brownies, cake pops and thank you chocolate for hosting the party. Click on the images below to view these for purchase. Change the text to anything you would like or keep "Life's a Beach".

Neon of Colors Life's a Beach Dozen Brownies ZSSPGNeon of Colors Life's a Beach Dipped Oreos ZSSPGNeon of Colors Life's a Beach Cake Pop ZSSPGBlue, Purple, Green, Orange Thank You Candy ZSSPG 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates

Can Cooler Coozie to Igloo Can Cooler

(Images will lead to the products when clicked on)

Find many of these gifts in this Summer Fun Gifts Collection by Sandyspider Stores Combination of Sandyspider Gifts and Sgolis Stores is shown in the Summer Vacation Collection

Rainbow Beach Abstract Gifts 

(click on the images to view and purchase)

Denim Style Beach Towel with Rainbow ColorsSummer Fun Colorful Rainbow Flip FlopsColorful Rainbow Party Shades SunglassesRainbow Style Beach Tote Bag
by Susang6

Needed for BBQ Party

Check out the Outdoor grilling and grill sets on Amazon. Plates, tables, the grill and food can be supplied by you. Finding a good outdoor grill is a must have.

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