Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ceramic Knife Box Set Review

The Ceramic Knife box set comes with three different sized kitchen knives (3", 4" and 6") and a ceramic potato peeler. The translucent protective sheath covers over the blades. A sleek black box with a cushioned area for the knives and peeler to fit it all in, makes a nice storage place to keep this kitchenware in when not in use. It is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, and so lightweight.

This "must have" kitchen set was sent to me free in exchange for my fair and honest product review. I have reviewed many products. Free just for trying it, or items which I had purchased. If I find something not so favorable about a particular product, it is included in my review.

Though I had seen demonstrations with knives like these, this is the first ceramic knife box set which we have owned. I cannot compare it to other ceramic brands but it can be compared to the steel blade cutting knives. Stainless-steel blades do get dull over time. We have had the handles corrode on some steel knives. The ceramic knife will never rust nor corrode. It is much sharper than an ordinary knife. The ceramic blade hardness is rated at a 9.5 and will not have to be sharpened as often as the steel type. It could be several months or years, depending on the usage before you would have to sharpen it. To keep it sharp when needed, you will need to use a Diamond knife sharpener for ceramic knives which comes with a diamond sharpening wheel.

Let the Testing Begin!

We began testing these ceramic knives with cutting up pork chops. The knife cut through the meat in nice bite size slices with the ease. Just like cutting through smooth creamy butter.

The best way to see these kitchen tools in action was making a video of it in action. More than anything I wanted to try the potato peeler. Having bought many steel peelers which dull right away and are what I would call throwaways, the ceramic potato peeler looks like something which will last for years from now. Below are some videos of how easy it was to use in our demonstrations.

Ceramic Potato Peeler 

Demonstration how easy it is to peel the potato, my husband also showed that men do work in the kitchen.

Ceramic Knife Cutting Potato

In this demonstration, the potatoes are being cut up with the ceramic knife, after using the ceramic potato peeler. These are being up thin for American fries.

The Pros and Cons

  • Sharp blades that won't corrode, easy to clean, stain and rust proof.
  • Easy to grip handles that have an ergonomic design for less hand and wrist fatigue. (A plus for someone like me who is a long time CTS sufferer.)
  • The company offers a 100% money back guarantee it not satisfied.


  • Not so much a negative, but does not come with a pamphlet with use and care instructions. Would be a good add for this product.
My Recommendations

Quite please with the ceramic knife set. It performed nicely and stayed sharp. It would make a nice gift for Father's Day or any occasion.

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