Friday, December 4, 2015

Save Money While Helping an Associate on Zazzle's Cyber Week

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 It is Cyber Week in the POD store Zazzle. Help an associate out by buying from any of these links and banners. As an associate of Zazzle , we are encouraged to promote, promote, promote. For some of us, the system seems to be flawed and the referral sale will go to someone other then the person whose link was clicked on. One of the reasons that this can happen is the 45 day cookie that Zazzle has placed on a link. What this means is if you, as the associate gave a link to one of the print of demand gifts, but the person you gave it to have previously been on Zazzle, the referral could go to someone else regardless of your link.

Tell your customers to clear their cookies in their browser prior to visiting Zazzle with your link. Easy directions to various browsers are found in the link below. But please open it in a separate tab to keep this page available. How to delete cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE

Playing Cards Are 65% today.

Shop for additional Playing Card Decks online at Zazzle

Now for the Referral Only

Holiday Cards Baby Gifts

Today is all about the referral sale (separate from the shop sale). You will never see this shopkeeper featured and the reason behind this is not the quality of work, I could give my option on it but let's just say it is a mystery. However, I would encourage you to buy from any of my shops first. You can find them all listed here. (Okay, mostly about the associate sale.)

Popular Company Shops

Disney Descendants Disney's Frozen

Featured here are all banners to the fantastic gift ideas and products that Zazzle offers. Note that the Disney store is available on Zazzle with hits such as Frozen, Mickey Mouse and Descendants plus Zazzle sends products international. Click on these banner to view these amazing products.

Make It Your Own Create Custom T-ShirtsiPhone 6 Cases International

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