Friday, June 29, 2012

America and Fireworks Gifts

American flag, fireworks and the bald eagle are the theme for products which sold in a little over this last week from my Zazzle shops Sandyspider Gifts and Kingdomofanimals Gifts

Other gifts from my travel shop and Sandyspider Gifts sold items not related. It seemed like at least half of these were patriotic. Course it makes sense with the upcoming Independence Day for these gift items.

On with what sold. I will gladly post your Zazzle products in my blog anytime. And I will custom make a product for you. Just contact me about this at

Here is what sold for the Patriotic Americans. USA - American Flag greeting card, postcard, star shaped stickers and t-shirt. Vintage Happy Birthday America postcard, American Flag and Fireworks postcard (sold 200 of these to one customer), Ameican Flag and Fireworks t-shirt, American Bald Eagle and Flag canvas bag, Vintage Teddy Bear with Fireworks belt buckle, and the World Trade Center Tribute in Light postcard.

USA - American Flag Card USA - American Flag Post Card USA - American Flag Stickers USA - American Flag T-shirts American Flag and Firework Tee Shirt Vintage Happy Birthday America Post Cards American Flag and Firework Postcard World Trade Center Tribute in Light Postcards American Bald Eagle and Flag Canvas Bag Vintage Teddy Bear with Fireworks Belt Buckle

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UGLee Pen Review

The Uglee Pen is beauty within. Actually, I don't find it ugly at all. It is quite interesting with it's ergonomically shape pen. Developed by a Dr. James Lee who also uses the Uglee Pen. This pen is soft and rubbery and covered with ballistics grade nylon, which is contoured for your fingers to grip it with ease. When Dr. James Lee created the Uglee Pen, he kept in mind of how this pen would be more comfortable for those who have pain in their fingers from arthritis, carpel tunnel, or maybe they are people like me who have a tendency to put too much pressure on the pen while writing. After doing this for a long period of time, my fingers hurt. I wrote with this pen for a considerable amount of time and I found it very comfortable with no pain.

As the doctor explained, most people design a pen to look good, but he designed the pen to feel good while using it. This is how he came up with the name. I find this name Uglee Pen priceless.

One thing that sets a standard is how the ink looks on paper. When using it I noticed it was a blue ink pen. But not a wimpy blue as some pens are. The lines were crisp (although the picture doesn't do justice of how it really looks). It wrote smoothly and may I repeat the word "comfortable".

Given the opportunity to try out the UGLee Pen to review, I would give it an A+.

The Uglee Pen was featured on The Doctors Show on the "50 Ways to Improve Your Health" and how it helps ease carpel tunnel for writers. The audience were all given out one of these pens to take home.

Get a Set of Three UGLee Pens by entering the contest. 1 bonus point is for leaving a comment. Note: Links for spamming is not allowed in the comments. a Rafflecopter giveaway I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Winner! Edmond Hogge JR Enjoy your pens!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cute iPhone Case and Unique Paper Products

Grey Bear with Heart iPhone 4G Case, Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Business Cards, Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Poster, Headless Horseman in the Blue Light Postcard and Delaware State Capital Postcard are products that sold this week ending on Friday June, 15 2012. This is very different from the large amount that sold the week before. Nevertheless, it all adds up, right!

Finding a theme in what sold this week is really a mix of miscellaneous items from a teddy bear, a look at outer space, Halloween and a State Capital of Delaware. Even the product types can't match up, so here is the items that sold on Zazzle.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Skillet Bacon Jam Review

Have you ever tried bacon jam?

 I have had the opportunity to try this different type of spread that you can add to your crackers, toast or whatever you can think of that a bacon jam would taste good on.

Bacon products have been a popular item from food items, lip balm, bubble gum, posters and more. Just check online and you will see that bacon is out there on many different products.

In my household, we love bacon. It was exciting to receiving this jar of bacon jam (though much smaller than then expected, as a sample size) from, to try out and give an honest review. Opening up the jar, it gave out a rich smoky bacon aroma. Plus sweet pickled and vinegar smells. Though the smoky bacon aroma stood out more then the other food aromas of the ingredients listed on the jar. According to the product description, "We use niman ranch bacon and render it down along with onions, balsamic and other spices. It cooks for several hours until it is a perfect blend of smoky, tangy, savory and slightly sweet."

We opened up the package of Ritz Crackers and beginning spreading out the jam. We could taste the bacon and a sweet taste of the additional ingredients. My husband enjoyed these more than I did. He had several crackers with this bacon spread condiment. He said that he could see us having this on a regular basis on crackers. I, on the other hand had a couple of crackers with the bacon jam. I liked it but thought it was too sweet for my taste.

So for my husband, he would give it an excellent rating, where I would give it a good rating. Either way, if you love bacon, then you need to take the taste test of this bacon spread for yourself. For more information on the Bacon Jam product contact

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fabulous Personalized Gifts for All Occasions

Birthday, holiday, travel, pets, personalize photo and humorous gifts are the wide theme of what sold from these fabulous Zazzle gift shops during the week that ended on Friday June 8, 2012:
Sandyspider Gifts
Traveldestinations Gifts
Kingdomofanimals Gifts
Youphotoit Gifts
Funnyjokes Shop 

Birthday and Holiday Cards

Vintage Birthday Wish Card, Vintage Happy Birthday America Postcard, Vintage Lady and Fireworks Card, Vintage Halloween Girl on Jack o' Lantern Card, Vintage Halloween Imps Postcard and Vintage Halloween Collage Postcard.

Vintage Birthday Wish Card Vintage Happy Birthday America Post Cards Vintage Lady and Fireworks Card Vintage Halloween Girl on Jack o'Lantern Card Vintage Halloween Imps Post Cards Vintage Halloween Collage Postcard  

Travel Cards and Gifts 

Bridge Over Mississippi River Davenport, Iowa Postcard, Cathedral Rock, Arizona Sticker, Performing Arts Downtown Wichita, Kansas Postcard and Seattle Space Needle & Buildings Spot Light Heart Stickers. Bridge Over Mississippi River Davenport, Iowa Postcard Cathedral Rock, Arizona Sticker Performing Arts Downtown Wichita, Kansas Post Cards Seattle Space Needle & Buildings Spot Light Heart Stickers

Animals, Add Your Own Photo and Humorous Gifts

Sweet Dreams Ferrets Keychain, Ferrets Love Cupcakes Apron, Pink Roses Valentine Add Your Photo Button and Half a Mind Keychain.

Sweet Dreams Ferrets Keychains Ferrets Love Cupcakes Apron Pink Roses Valentine Add Your Photo Half a Mind Keychain

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