Monday, January 12, 2015

Special Love and Anti-Love Valentines Cards

Valentines cards for that special person in your life. Remember when you first fell in love? You go everywhere walking hand in hand. As a couple there is no better feeling than this. You are in love. Stopping to gaze into each other's eyes and knowing that special one person is by your side to spend the rest of his or her life with you. Nothing will ever go wrong as long as you are together. Oh how special life is with your significant other. Expressing your love with the right greeting card is important. She or he may love the cute and cuddly teddy bear, a play on words, and fancy hearts in a design. A card with the photo of the two of you and you can write your own love poem on the inside of the cards.

Then on the other hand; perhaps you are going through a break up. Your heart has been split in two. The pain is unbearable. Somehow sending the person who had hurt you so bad a anti-love card will ease your torment and you can get on with your life.

Below are a few of my choices of love and anti-love cards that you can purchase online.

Love and Unique and Add Your Photo Cards

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Couple on the Beach Valentine Greeting Card Valentine's Day Frog with Pink Hearts Card Shrimp Card Special Valentine, Roses and Frame Add Photo Greeting Card Pink Roses Valentine Add Your Photo Card Roses and Heart Frame Add Your Photo Card Be My Valentine Heart Card Mice in Love Valentines Greeting Card Love Your Ass Valentine's Day Card 

Besides Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle These Valentines cards and more can be found in these shops:
Atozunme Gifts
Kingdomofanimals Gifts
Youphotoit Gifts

Anti-Love Anti-Valentine Greeting Cards

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  Anti-Valentine's Day Poem - Customized Greeting Cards Broken Heart Card Heart Cut in Two Card

Oh and that cute teddy bear can be found here in this soon to be published article. Valentines Cards Bought Online.Published on Sandyspider at Wizzley. iPads also make a wonderful Valentines gift as mentioned here Romantic iPad Mini Cases.

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