Friday, August 5, 2011

The Eyes Have It

It is all about the eyes. Zazzle has many gifts about eyes. Here is a few from some Zazzlers of eyes, eye chart and a smiley face shown on  t-shirts, stickers and a tie.

Why did I chose this subject?

On July 27th, I suffered any eye injury. Limiting my time online.Normally, I choose from a group of RocketMoms, who are Zazzlers and the people here who follow me. This time it is a little different. But for future post, you can send me your links to your Zazzle products and any other gift sites that you are on. I am always interested in anyone who would like to do a guess post too. See my Zazzle shops at Sandyspider Gifts Profile.

Remember, I am watching you!

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