Friday, September 3, 2010

Funny T-shirts and Mousepad - Feature Friday

Starting of with a shirt from my Have D.U.M.B. Merchandise product line. This actually began two years ago when my husband came to me and said, "I have d-u-m-b." So I am sitting there going d-u-m-b and looking at him like, what the heck is that. Then it hit me. Guess I have D.U.M.B. At this time I had discovered CafePress. This is where the product line began. To see all my CafePress products you can view it here.

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I admit that I am D.U.M.B much of the time. At least I am not stupid. This is a collection of funny products from myself and the rest of the group.

HAVE D.U.M.B. shirt
HAVE D.U.M.B. by Sandyspider
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No Sense of Humor shirt
No Sense of Humor by Heather426
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This funny blog took a turn from asking everyone for Halloween products. Sometimes we need a little humor in our life. Please keep emailing me those too. And other type of products you would like to show off.

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