Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free photo book

It isn't often one gets things for free. To see how free this offer is I went through the process myself. By using the link below, it will lead you to the MyPublisher page where you are given a code to add at checkout and a download for the photo book program. Once you download the software, you upload your photos and place them either as one on a page or many as a collage. There are 20 photos pages for photo book, you choice the hardcover versus the softcover. Once everything is done and ready for purchase, just add the code. There is a shipping fee, so free isn't totally free. But you are saving $19.99 off the price of the photo book. With this in mind I went ahead and ordered.

Go ahead and click on the link and thank me in the comment area.Offer ends in two weeks.
Free hardcover photo book from MyPublisher


Friday, May 25, 2012

Travel and Memorial Day

Travel to Seattle, Wichita or beyond our universe. Grill up some vegetables for this Memorial Day weekend. Moreover, do not forget what this weekend is really about, the veterans who died serving our country to keep this country free. These Zazzle gifts sold for the week ending on Friday, May 25, 2012.

Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Poster Vintage Happy Birthday America Post Cards New Jersey Coast, NJ Post Cards

Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Poster is taken by the by NASA's Hubble Space, Vintage Happy Birthday America Postcard of children celebrating Independence Day, New Jersey Coast, NJ Postcard with a beautiful sunny day and the sandy beach.

Veggie Face Aprons Seattle Ferry Washington State Postcards Vintage Memorial Day - One Country Postcard

Veggie Face Apron created with a little bit of imagination with our garden vegetables, Seattle Ferry Washington State Postcard with the city of Seattle in the background, Vintage Memorial Day - One Country Postcard with an elderly man beating a drum with the American flag attached and the US Capital in the background.

Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Gel Mousepad Fallen But Not Forgotten Post Cards Vintage Lady and Fireworks Post Cards

Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Gel Mousepad, Fallen But Not Forgotten Post Card is a vintage design of the torn American flag with smoke billowing behind it. In memory of those who served. Vintage Lady and Fireworks Postcard is the vintage woman holding a bouquet of roses and the American flag behind her. Combine that with modern day fireworks in the background.

Performing Arts Downtown Wichita, Kansas Post Cards Public Market in Seattle, WA Postcards Performing Arts Downtown Wichita, Kansas Postcard shows a magnificent view. Public Market in Seattle, WA Postcard is one of the most popular places to go to when in Seattle.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Animals, Nature, Fireworks and Travel Gifts

Pin-back buttons, greeting cards, postcards, posters, refrigerator magnets, stickers and a necklace are the gifts that sold this week from my shops and an affiliate shop. Here is the list of the items that sold. Click on the images and links to purchase.

Ostrich What's Up Button, Watermelon Card and Poster, Fish Market Seattle WA Postcard, Vintage Patriotic Child and Fireworks Magnet, Omaha, Nebraska Skyline on Canvas Postcard, Vintage Honoring Memorial Day Postcard, Horse Racing in Kentucky Postcard, Vintage Happy Birthday America Stickers and a Pansies Cascading Bouquet Medium Pendant Necklace.

. Ostrich What's Up Button Watermelon Card Watermelon Print Fish Market Seattle WA Postcard Vintage Patriotic Child and Fireworks Magnet Omaha, Nebraska Skyline on Canvas Postcard Vintage Honoring Memorial Day Postcards Churchill Downs Louisville, Kentucky Post Cards Vintage Happy Birthday America Stickers 

These are all sold from my Zazzle shops during the week that ended on Friday, May 18, 2012. (Anything sold later on Friday from the time of writing this post will be added to the next week's post.) Gifts by Sandyspider and TravelDestinations
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As an affiliate, this necklace brought in a 15% referral fee. If you have a Zazzle account, you can make an income selling other shopkeepers' products. You get a percentage and they get the percentage that they set for their products. It is a win-win situation. You don't even have to have your own shop; just join Zazzle by clicking on any of these product images and links.

Add any of my Zazzle items to your blogs and articles with the link going back to them of course. Please go ahead and add the URL in the comment area under the product you have added to your site, so I can visit and thank you.

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