Friday, March 18, 2011

Mousepads with a Touch of Green

Mousepads are fun and green in two ways. The first way these mousepads are green is the color green, which is present in all these mousepads, even if it is so slight. Shown are some funny mouse pads of an alien, quotes, such as "I will stay in school." Nature designs and a cute apple face mousepad.

The second way these mousepads are green is the many different uses besides to use for your computer mouse. Example: Use under a plant or small plate of food to protect the furniture.

These green mousepads are all available to purchase with the links below.

Zucchini Flower mousepad
Zucchini Flower Mousepad by Sandyspider
Start selling my art online with Zazzle.

Stay in school Mousepad mousepad
Check out the green mousepads on Amazon

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