Monday, April 11, 2022

Birds & Bears T-Shirts Redbubble Sandyspider

Six favorite unisex t-shirts, one of an adorable mom with a baby panda bear. Who can resist such sweetness of nature? Fashion with roosters, eagles, and a seagull. Enjoy a good laugh, and be strong, proud, and brave. Know that opposites attract. The forces of yin and yang complement each other. Together we can all find peace and love. When you find your thing; in the Sandyspider Redbubble store, you do not want your favorites to fly away. The shirts are available in Small to 3XL sizes, with 18 different colored t-shirts. Click on the images below to view these t-shirts and explore other tees in the Sandyspider store.

Coming up with a connection of animal t-shirts in my email, I thought of the classic song "The Birds and the Bees" by Jewel Akens. Below is a short parody with the birds and the bears.

Let me tell ya 'bout the birds and the bears
And the animals and the trees
And the birds flying above
And a Mother's love

Cute Mama Panda Bear & Baby Animal, Bamboo, RBSSG

by sandyspider

Funny Bald Eagles and Seagull Birds of Prey, RBSSG

by sandyspider

I Love Peckers Red Barn Roosters Chickens, RBSSG

by sandyspider

Never Be Afraid To Fly Eagle White Quote, RBSSG

by sandyspider

Bald Eagle American Pride USA Flag, RBSSG

by sandyspider

Black White Eagle Yin Yang, RBSSG

by sandyspider

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