Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Domino Factor for Wisconsin

With what is going on now with the state of Wisconsin, this is something that will be the start of the domino factor for all the states across America. We will be taking a giant step backwards with arrogant, non-compromising officials in politics.

As United States citizens, we are entitled to have unions and collective bargaining rights. Take our rights away and we become a communist country. Employers will have more advantage to lower wages for their employees. Employees will have even less rights to protect their jobs.

In Politically Incorrect Gifts, I equally pick on both Democrats and Republicans. If the tables were turn with a Democratic governor in charge taking away our rights as US citizens, the products below would be Anti-Democrat. It is time we stand together and say, "This is not right!"

Read more about this in my article on Republican Governor Taking Away Workers Rights

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