Friday, June 10, 2016

Unusual PG Rated Gifts on Zazzle

Seriously! Gifts with beautiful violets and travel photos of waterfalls were among many gifts marked as for mature audience only to view on Zazzle. Unusual PG-13 Rated gifts on Zazzle (shown below) that one would never imagine it to be. As a small business owner trying to make a living online with custom made POD shops like Zazzle, there are many roadblocks along the way. Since I had joined in 2009 with uploading my creative designs on gift and card products, this company has evolved. There is a rating system for the customer and storekeeper. G, PG-13, and R. The customer has the option of checking the appropriate box for viewing products.  

As a storekeeper, I do have some products that having a PG-13 rating could be more right for. Though anywhere else online these are view-able. The majority of my gift items are for the general audience. I was surprised to see this week that many G-Rated gifts suddenly had more mature ratings. That was automatically changed by Zazzle or possibility their robot system. You be the judge!

Wisconsin Wood Violets Gifts and Cards

These pretty little flowered gifts (all but four) are now for all ages to see, but earlier of this week, they were not. Nothing strange in the neither descriptions nor tags! Could it had been that the word "Wood" is considered a dirty word?

Note that changing these to a G-Rating does not always put the products in the safe viewing mode. Like the few that will have to be republished as new products. In the meantime, they are naughty flowers.

Michigan and Upper Peninsula Gifts

Michigan travel photo merchandise were from photography I had taken with my camera from our Michigan trip and which I own the copyright. We first visited the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. It was a fun travel and camping trip. We had traveled north from Wisconsin into the Upper Peninsula and then over and through Michigan, down to Indiana and up to Wisconsin, which I call the travel loop.

Had to rework tags and titles, but then figured this is the name of the waterfalls and it is in Upper Peninsula, Michigan. I had figured that the robot must have looked at these titles and tags as "upper" meaning drugs. Even though these POD gifts were not viewable in the G-Rated mode, they are now.

Many more questionable rating gifts were found with this more mature rating. In fact, if I were not crying over it, I would be laughing.

Jolly Halloween Witch Not Just for Halloween

It was my fault with the Jolly Halloween Witch products as having a tag "sexy witch". Taking the tag out and changing the rating did nothing and these items were still hidden unless the "moderate view" was used by the viewer. I ended up deleting, remaking and re-publishing these items.

Compact Beauty Mirrors

There had been a compliance issue with the compact mirrors due to a law, but that has since changed. Not sure how that law read but find it totally crazy.

Good to know that these products shown are G-Rated. FOR NOW!

(This is date sensitive and the rant for now. These products will still be available to buy.)

More Gifts

PG-13 rated gifts are in my Zazzle stores, but not so in 3DRose and Amazon as shown below. (Ad blocker may have to be off to see all these products.)
(Note that the photo of the animal on the one shirt is called the wild ass. Look it up!)

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