Thursday, August 15, 2019

Multi-Designed Espadrilles Slip-on Shoes

Enjoy these comfortable espadrilles canvas slip-on shoes (as shown in this collection page). Feel good knowing that you are giving back when you read more of the history. Buy in sizes for women and men. Sandyspider Gifts is my first and foremost store on Zazzle. The product styles are multi-designed with many categories. The shoes below are about flowers, food lovers and music. New on Zazzle in 2019 is the Espadrilles. The style is called Ubuntu Afridrilles and inspired by the Spanish espadrille style, though made in Africa. It has thus given the name Afridrille. UBUNTU is an African philosophy of unity. It is giving back to the African people who hand make these shoes. UBUNTU is an organization that gives back to health and education programs in Kenya.

Below are shoes from my Sandyspider Gifts store, plus one guest storekeeper.

(Note: Photo above could be a man in a dress. Notice the hairy legs. Either way, the shoes look great.)

Drumming to a Different Beat Footwear

The drum design is nearly transparent. This type of pattern allows the customer to choose between the many canvas colors. Due to the slight shading of the drum pattern, the colors will have a different color appearance. See how they will look from the product link. Example: the black background canvas has a dark gray appearance for the slip-on shoes.

Fruit and Foodies Lover’s Shoes

The pineapple pattern is transparent in between the rows. The background will be the color chosen of one of 13 color selections.

Unique Flower Pattern Shoes

The flowers in a kaleidoscope is a solid image. Therefore no canvas color will show through though all these shoes have 24 different liner selections.

Pretty Floral Pattern Slip-on Shoes

These are from Photo Gifts by Sgolis. Susan has some wonderful products as well. Love these flower shoes. She has these shown with the black background. I like how the burgundy looks behind the floral design.

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