Friday, December 16, 2016

Last Chance Christmas Card Sale

Last chance Christmas card sale is for those last minute shoppers. Who have yet to buy their cards in order to send out to the people on their holiday list! Zazzle has those special sales for people who are last minute and offering half off express shipping in order to get those special amazing personalized products in time for Christmas. More than holiday cards are last minute ideas and accessories of up to 50% off  Besides the cards are 40% off matching address labels and $5 off postage stamps- Use code: LASTCHANCE16 Starts: 12/15/2016 Expires:12/17/2016 11:59 PM PST See all customizestores here!

(Note: The colored texts are links to the Zazzle site. Check Zazzle for other sales if seeing this after the dated sale. Better yet, contact me at for the current deals)

Christmas Cards in photo above are featured in these stores below.

Large selection at Sandyspider Gifts: Christmas Cards 

Humor and Charming with Funnyjokes Gifts: Christmas Cards

Start from scratch and Create Your Own Card Here

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Decorative Pillows for Christmas Countdown

Home decorations begin with decorative pillows. Zazzle is having a Christmas countdown. Time sensitive with today, pillows are 50% off with code below. More sales up to 60% off. See below. 20% off everything else not shown below. Check out the Holiday pillows to bring in the festive feeling. Unique square, poufs, lumbar and round pillows to add your own photos and designs are available in my Create Your Own Pillows Category These durable pillows are made for indoor and outdoor use. Check out the Collection pages on pillows here. (Note: Red and blue text are links to Zazzle. This has been UPDATED for 12/10/2017 sale.)

For more home decorations and gifts, see all of the Sandyspider Stores here and save!

Indoor and Outdoor Pillows

More Products on Sale 
60%OFF All Cards
60% OFF Christmas Cards
60% OFF Totes
Click on the colored links and product images for this Christmas savings. (Note: Red and blue text are links to Zazzle.)

Friday, December 9, 2016

Quality Stylish Tote Bags Christmas Gifts

Tote bags make wonderful Christmas gifts. Love the quality and the many styles of tote bags offered at Zazzle. As a customer (besides being a storekeeper), tote bags are one of my favorite buys. Even the budget tote is well worth the order. My daughter loved it when taking it to class. The bag held her books and school supplies. Many uses for these durable and reusable cotton twill or canvas bags plus customize these with your own designs. All these below are made to personalize your way. Or start from scratch and Create Your Own Tote Here

Zazzle is having a 12 day of Christmas sale. The first two days have past. The third day of Christmas is tote bags. Save 50% on bags with the promo code: ZCUSTOMGIFTS   30% on everything else.

Sample Tote Bags
(See link above (in color) for "tote bags offered at Zazzle" for collections.) More gifts at Sandyspider Stores

Favorite Tote Bags from Others
Zazzle bags
from three of my favorite store keepers.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Nature in Winter Christmas Card

Bring in the holiday with this beautiful winter greeting card. Designed image with glistening snow. Deer, fox and a touch of red with the cardinal bird. A beautiful white winter wildlife scene by Photo Gifts By Sgolis

Friday, October 21, 2016

Print Power Pillows, Duvet and Bedroom Decor

The print fashion in the bedroom décor looks amazing with mix and match pillows and a flower power design duvet comforter. Fashion extends to a portrait of you, family dog cards displayed on the wall. Your dog, wearing the best pet clothing! Right now Zazzle has up to 50% off with their home décor sale. These sales are time sensitive. If you happen to read this after Oct. 24, 2016, the promo code COZYUPSAVING will not be valid. Don’t worry gifts for the home and family will have something special on sale at Zazzle when you visit their coupon page. The photo above is all about the POD products on this online shopping site, with the exception of the duvet cover which is from Society6. The Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Throw Pillow is on RedBubble.

(Note: Colored texts are links to the product listings on these store websites. Below are the products on Zazzle and Society6 of the print power bedroom fashions shown in the image above.)

Begins with the Duvet Cover

More amazing gifts at Redbubble by Sandyspider here!

Decorative Pillows

Some of these are indoor and outdoor pillows.

Best Mom Pillow, with Indoor Pillow and Pouf Collections

Up to 300 pillows within one collection!

Pet Clothing, Items, Cards and Stickers

Out of Bed and into Shoes

Shoes are not home décor. Once you get out of bed, you will want to put on a pair of unique and comfortable shoes. (Plus it is in the photo). These unique custom high top sneakers come in sizes for men and women. Durable canvas tops and rubber soles. Here is a couple of amazing plaids designed high top shoes. And a collection of shoes for the family!

See all Sandyspider Stores on Zazzle Here

Photo of the lovely lady is me (just kidding)! This photo is part of the BangleBracelets and Earrings article.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Top Tier Designer Bangle Bracelets and Earrings

Unique bangle bracelets, drop earrings, and stud earrings on Zazzle from a top tier designer are featured here.  Christmas, birthdays, an anniversary or any other special occasion, she will love the Zazzle jewelry. Online shopping site where you can customize nearly any product. Top of the line manufactures such as Planet Jill and Graphics & MoreSupplying the blank product base for the artwork and photographed images on these amazing quality jewelryGraphics & More offers the stud earrings. Planet Jill has a large array of gifts from pendant necklaces, cufflinks, dog tags, belt buckles, charm bracelets and the newer drop earrings and bangle bracelets. Sandyspider Gifts: Jewerly offers all of those. (Note: colored text on this post is a link to the products.)

Custom Bracelets and Earrings

Customize it, or bracelets and earrings from designs with flowers, monograms, travel, colorful art and more. Either way it will look amazing on jewelry.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, create your own design from any of these. Or contact me at for custom and personalize jewelry just for you. (Note: The color purple is added to two of these. Choose from an array of HTML colors or none at all.)

Rose Gold Jewelry

My favorite jewelry as a teenager was my rose gold necklace and matching earrings.  I am very excited to have a rose gold image to add on products. The bangle charm, necklace and earrings look fabulous on Zazzle.

Get the matching Rose Gold Glitter Round Necklace Here!

Bangle Bracelets, Drop Earrings and Stud Earrings

Jewerly with monograms, funky artwork, travel, Halloween, Christmas and other holiday designs. It is ready to be made into that special bangle bracelet with charm and earrings in a gift just for her or him. There are thousands of images within my shops to add to this jewelry. See the Sandyspider Stores on Zazzle. Matching pendant necklaces are available along with charm bracelets and much more. Though not all these categories are made yet, contact me to make it once you find the design you want. Contact me at 

AtoZunme Gifts has a fancy vintage font called Monarchia. Another is the American flag within the letters of the alphabet. Both have all the alphabet images. Not all yet are created on the jewelry. Contact me within Zazzle or the email listed here to make the monogram you are looking for.

Charming Bangle Bracelets

I Am a Top Tier Designer

In a recent message from Zazzle to this designer:
“You’re the perfect designer for our new bracelet and earrings!”

“Congratulations on your success designing our Jewelry and Accessories! You have quite the eye for creating designs that our customers love!

Here’s the scoop: Because you’re the top tier in what you do, we’d like to see what you can do with the bracelet and earrings we recently launched.”

Please, search through all my online stores here for images on products. If you find something that you would like on the jewelry that has not been made, contact me to make it.

Collection Pages with Jewelry

Collections with Jewelry for Everyone
One collection has 300 products from rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and charms. There are accessories that include images of travel, humor, flowers, monograms and more on these products. Another page is all about necklaces for the holiday seasons. The third collection page has matching earrings, bracelets, charms and necklaces with amazing uniqueness.

Matching Bracelets, Earrings and More

Drop Earrings from My Favorite Stores

Two drop earring pairs are from other storekeepers, one is a fun abstract earring design and the other on is amazingly eerie Jack o’ Lanterns and black crows. Lastly a Christmas theme with Santa Claus drop earrings.

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