Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. Awesome T-Shirts

Today I found out that using the name Charlie on a product is an infringement on the celebrity Charlie Sheen. There happens to be millions of guys named Charlie out there. Does that mean if you make a t-shirt for your friend Charlie with his first name on it, then it is an infringement on Charlie Sheen? Apparently it does!

I don't even have the words Charlie or Sheen in any of the shirt titles either and avoided using the name Sheen altogether. So much for playing it safe. So be warned. Next time you add a first name to a product, even if it is a family member it may be an infringement on a celebrity.

Because of this issue, I had to change some of my t-shirts in my lens Inspired Charlie Sheen T-Shirts to Mr. Awesome! These shirts should be fine until Mr. Awesome starts complaining and Zazzle slaps me another email. These t-shirts will take you to Zazzle, but enjoy them on my lens too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mousepads with a Touch of Green

Mousepads are fun and green in two ways. The first way these mousepads are green is the color green, which is present in all these mousepads, even if it is so slight. Shown are some funny mouse pads of an alien, quotes, such as "I will stay in school." Nature designs and a cute apple face mousepad.

The second way these mousepads are green is the many different uses besides to use for your computer mouse. Example: Use under a plant or small plate of food to protect the furniture.

These green mousepads are all available to purchase with the links below.

Zucchini Flower mousepad
Zucchini Flower Mousepad by Sandyspider
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Stay in school Mousepad mousepad
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Favorite Mousepads on Zazzle

With the newer computers, it seems like mousepads are not a necessary anymore. But for myself, I still have a couple of those older computers. But even if a mousepad is not needed for your mouse to work properly, it does here the surface of your desk from getting scratches.

On Zazzle, I still sell my share of mousepads. So, they are not out of style. I love mousepads and these are some of my favorite ones from my Zazzle shops.
Prefect gift for someone who sits all day and night at the computer.

Hawaiian Coast mousepadJust the Right Foot mousepad Lucky Mouse with Chocolate! mousepadAmerican Flag and Firework mousepadBest Daddy mousepadThanksgiving is the Cat's Meow mousepadSerenade mousepadBorder Collie Pop Art mousepad Vintage Roses and Sail Boat mousepadHas Anyone Seen My Head? Mousepad mousepad Finding the Right Bra Mousepad mousepadAlien Warning mousepadFrog in a Tea mousepadWomen Don't Make Messes mousepadWhen It Comes To Politics mousepadWork Harder Not Smarter Mousepad mousepadCelebrate American Flag mousepadRed Roses mousepad
by Sandyspider and by funnyjokes
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Love and Dessert T-shirts

T-shirts with love and desserts make wonderful gifts to show you care. There is no better feeling to know someone special loves you. It is as comforting as wrapping up in a warm blanket. Just as the happy sensation your body feels eating a piece of cake or cupcake and for a healthier yet still comforting feeling, one can eat a bowl of raspberries.

Below are custom t-shirts that bring comfort and love.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Funny Charlie Sheen Quotes on T-Shirts

Zazzle, the print on demand shop made national news with a rush of orders for Charlie Sheen quote t-shirts. I am a bit slow here, but my Funnyjokes Shop has created 19 quotes from Charlie Sheen and myself.

Fired from Two and a Half Men after a long run since 2002, Charlie was more then open expressing himself and the producers of the show. Sheen has had several bizarre interviews that question his sanity.

But according to Charlie, he is winning! Duh!

Below are three of the Charlie Sheen t-shirts shown on Zazzle. Read more about this on Inspired Charlie Sheen T-Shirts lens.

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