Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travel, Holidays and Fun Gift Products

Gifts and cards of holidays and memorials with Halloween, honoring those who served in the war, remembering 9-11 and the Twin towers are some of the gifts sold between 7/20 to 7/25/2012 from Sandyspider Gifts, Galaxyofstars Shop and Traveldestinations Shop.

Others are humor with the strawberry sundae on a necktie and the humorous ostrich t-shirt.

Travel through the Hubble telescope and see the beautiful of the stars and galaxies. Be more down to earth and travel through New York, Missouri, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Washington State, Alabama and Arizona. 

Wish someone a happy birthday with this beautiful vintage flora card shown below.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Shrimp and Carrots Postcards

Healthy looking postcards with vitamin and mineral rich shrimp and carrots are the theme on these postcards. These two postcards bought on July 17th and 19th of 2012. Sure, I have sold many more postcards and other gifts from Zazzle during the week, but I am too lazy today to list them. Usually I go overboard with listing items. However, think about how good shrimp and steamed carrots would taste so good tonight.

Shrimp on the Barbie Recipe Card Postcard is one of several recipe postcards available on Sandyspider Gifts. With many decorative, blank ones, for you to add our own recipes to it. Not only do you have a delicious recipe, but also you can buy several to send out to your friends so they can have this yummy recipe for cooking out.

Rainbow Multicolored Carrots Postcard is one of my favorites. No recipe included with this one. However, the Summer Steamed Vegetable Recipe 2 Postcard would complement this (not recently purchased). This is an easy recipe on the postcard of steaming vegetables, including carrots that is hmm, hmm good! I have made this in different variations of vegetables and seasoning many times. Someone recently bought 25 of the rainbow carrots postcards. 

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