Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun and Beautiful Gifts on Zazzle

Cards and gifts on Zazzle, a print on demand shop offers some unique business cards, postcards, ipad speck cases, tote bags and funny apparel. See this all in the Odds and Ends Friday blog here of the different designs from these talented shopkeepers.

These designs vary from fractal art, wild 60s wallpaper, beauty of nature, colorful birds, tote bags with lily of the valley, monogram (example R for Rhonda) and graduation. A funny sweatshirt about middle age women and a gecko riding a motorcycle, makes the only connection of these products is that they are fabulous ideas and gifts on Zazzle.

More 1960's Wallpaper speckcase

Monarchia "R" by AtoZunme
Make a photo bag on Zazzle

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bird Posters and Cards Flew Away in the Draft

Yesterday I wrote a blog post in draft and had ten wonderful posters and cards of birds from many Zazzle shopkeepers. I had put a great deal of work into it. Also had another post ready to go in one of my other blogs, they were saved and ready for Friday. Last night I tried to go into Blogger and they were down to fix errors. Blogger was down today as well. This afternoon Blogger was up, but my drafts were all gone.

Oddly enough, today's blog was and still is about birds. Though I didn't have a copy and can't remember all 10 shopkeepers I had here. The title has changed from "Bird Posters and Cards" to what you see above. Having a post on birds seems more fitting, because my draft of this flew away.

Today's posters and cards of beautiful artwork with birds, photos and just funny. Not all birds are flying birds. Can you imagine an ostrich flying overhead? Better run for cover...bombs away!

Proud Love print
Proud Love by fch_agora
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Graduation Cards and Gifts

May through June is the largest time of year for graduates. Do you know someone who is graduating from High School, College or even Kindergarten?

Below are some nice graduation products, which include postage stamps, graduation invitations and congratulation cards. Fun one of a kid gifts for the graduate too, including keychains, mousepad, graduation mug, funny stickers, neckties, refrigerator magnets, kindergarten t-shirt. (a milestone for children and parents), photo binder and a thank you card for the graduate to mail back.

Class of - Graduation keychain

Graduation Couple - Class of mousepad

Graduation Tie, Customized year tie

Off to 1st Grade shirt
Off to 1st Grade by bethd821
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