Friday, February 11, 2011

Water, Land, Air and Methane (Cows) Posters

Enjoy these posters with the sunset of an ocean cruise or dock in the harbor. Travel to see the London Bridge. Or visit Seal Rock, Oregon. Have some fun in a small row boat or enjoy a tropical beach. Visit the fast pace of Seattle, Washington.

Perhaps you would like to take flight and soar in the clouds piloting a Nighthawk or imagine you are the proud bald eagle.

When you land, what do you see…?

Making a connection of scenic photography to colorful cows eating ice cream, makes better scents when it is delivered in a poem. Depending on your taste, this poem stinks or it is a masterpiece.

Landing in for Ice Cream
By Sandy Mertens

From water to land to soaring in the air
Wings so high and without a care

Gliding smoothly to the ground
Heard the noise of a Moo sound

Lead me to the ice cream parlor
Never laughed so hard…

Sent me to the funeral parlor!

Sunset Abaft print
Small Harbour poster print
Red Hot Tropical Sunset print

Seattle Space Needle & Buildings Spot Light Poster print
Patriotic Bald Eagle print

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