Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Save 40% on T-Shirts

Right now, Zazzle is having a 40% sale on t-shirts. This sale is also good at various percentage levels on other products too of up to 50% off. This is good until June 27, 2013 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time).
USE CODE: SUMMERSTYLES when clicking here and make sure to use this code during checkout.

If you happen to be reading this post after this date, just check at the top of the page on Zazzle. They seem to always have some kind of promotion going on. Note that any of the links that you click on here and then sign into Zazzle, you can also order anywhere on Zazzle for any product, though purchasing any one of these t-shirts would be appreciated.

Since this sale is going on, here are a few of my favorite t-shirts.

Yes Dear! I Will Fix It Soon! Shirt
Yes Dear! I Will Fix It Soon! Shirt by Timsmansmall
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I Know a Vegetarian T-Shirt
I Know a Vegetarian T-Shirt by funnyjokes
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U R an Ass T-Shirt
U R an Ass T-Shirt by funnyjokes
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Which of these is your favorite t-shirt? 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Flags and Fireworks Gifts

These are flags and fireworks on products that recently sold on Zazzle. You too can have one or all of these popular gifts too. Be sure to check at the top of the page once you sign in after clicking on any of the links below. Zazzle often has special sales going on. These codes will not work on any purchase from other shopkeepers. Only those who keep their royalty low will these specials work. You can always trust Sandyspider Gifts and the other nine shops that she owns to be at this low royalty mark-up. This way all the special sales codes that Zazzle offers on their products will work during check out.

The American flag is a popular item any time of year. With the patriotic holidays coming up these make special gifts for your family, friends and you. The flag pattern tie is wild and cool. Where the simple polo shirt with the American flag in the USA text on the pocket is not overdone and adds a touch of class.

The Marine Corp, American Flag, Bald Eagle and Fireworks are as patriotic as one can get. Enjoy this for Veterans Day, Independence Day, Patriotic Day, or any day. More celebrations fireworks gift on Amazon. Find more of these from Sandy Mertens on Amazon.

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