Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink T-shirt Day

Today is pink t-shirt day on my blog. We start out with Easter tees of cartoon rabbits and a baby chick. After that is a monogram "A" t-shirt, on with expressive shirts with one knowing her place as the Queen and another being special.

I had to laugh at the Queen and I am special tees. I have worked with many women who thought they were a queen. However, I knew they were not the queen. The special shirt reminded me of my daughter. Since grade school, she has always said, "I am special." And she is!

The last t-shirt gave me an eerie feeling. There is something spooky about long narrow hallways. First, it reminds me of the movie with Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Jack Nicholson plays the off-season caretaker who becomes possessed and tries to kill his wife and son. Throughout the movie, it pans through the long eerie hallways of the hotel. More eerie yet, is the house we use to live in. You can believe me or not, but our house was haunted. We had this long hallway that lead to the bedrooms and bathrooms. We all felt that we were not alone when walking down this narrow hallway.

Pink is the t-shirt to wear. Even men with hairy arms and beards wear pink.

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