Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lucky Irish T-Shirts for St Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is when everyone is seeing green shirts. That is in the lucky Irish t-shirts! Green is the symbol for Saint Paddy's Day and green is in the money that you will save when these shirts and all shirts are on sale now at Zazzle. Below are some favorite and popular shirts of mine and found in my stores. Get these fun shirts at this special SALE today. Click on the images below to view and purchase these shirts.

Note: If you miss this sale, check out Zazzle Coupons for more specials when clicking on any of these images and links.

Teddy Bear St. Patrick's Day Collection Tee Shirt Good Luck Shamrock, Rainbow and Horseshoe T-Shirt St. Paddy’s Odd Couple Tee Shirt Mooning Leprechaun T-shirt Kiss Me I'm Irish St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt St. Paddy’s Bear Women's T-Shirt

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I Drink for Irish Pride T-Shirt Singing Irish T-Shirt St. Patrick's Green Beer Shamrock Pattern T-Shirt
More funny shirts are found at Funnyjokes Gifts: Shirts

Note: All these shirts can be made for anyone in the family and any size from the same page link. Just click on the "Customize It" while shopping in Zazzle.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Create a Zazzle Account and Online Store

How to Create a Zazzle Account

How do you create a Zazzle account and where is the sign in page? This online shopping print on demand (POD) store is a community of artists, designers, photographers who are professional and non-professional people. Who share their designs on greeting cards, office products, home decorations, kitchenware and many more products! Anyone can sign up on Zazzle to make money online as a shopkeeper or an associate. As a customer you need to be signed in by creating an account.

(Sandyspider Gifts is one many stores on Zazzle that is shown in the photo.)

This may seem like a silly question to some of you. But not everyone online knows how to sign in. Sometimes a website just doesn't seem that easy to find the right page to set up an account on.

Here is the link to start an account. (This does have my referral ID linked in.)

login page* photo Zazzle sign-register_zpszoocdlh3.jpg

This is the same page that you would sign in afterwards. To create an account for the first time, click on the Register Now link (You can go off this link shown here too).

Once again you can register with your Facebook account to tie it in. Otherwise, fill in the form with your email and a password. Check that you are 13 or older and hit the "Continue" button.

Zazzle will give a "Congratulations" for setting up an account. If you are signing up as a customer or an associate only, then you are done and continue on with your order or promoting products.

How to Create a Store on Zazzle

Once you are in your account, click on the "Stores" tab.
Open New Store Tab photo open new store tab_zpsnv3pnu4t.jpg

Your link on top will look similar to this but with your shop ID after you click on the "Stores" tab.

 photo open new store button1_zpsnlmljnzx.jpg

The next step would be to click on the "Open New Store" button that is in the upper right.

 photo store create_zpsechlibwg.jpg

Then you would write in the store name with no spaces. If it is not available, just keep writing in your other choices until you find a name that is. The link on top for creating a store name is (my ID included)

Provided that you are already signed in to Zazzle, you can go directly to the store with the "create link" above to add a new store to you members page.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Rustic Wedding Decor and Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations and Decorations

Non-traditional style wedding ceremonies begin with rustic wedding decor or a country barn wedding. Send out those rustic invitations. Begin with the Save the Date postcards with matching address. The rustic invitation cards include the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride and groom can send out their matching Thank You cards. Below are some of the many country-style Orange Flower in Glass Jar Wedding products on Zazzle.

Rustic Wedding Decorations

Old fashion country rustic wedding decorations have become more popular and are the new trend in today's celebrations. Wood decorations with engraving make nice keepsakes. These are decorations that breakaway from the traditional chapel style wedding. Decorate the tables with frosted glass mason jars and flowers. This style looks amazing on the cards and table cards.

Personalized Wooden Wedding Products

Having the right type of wedding guestbook (wooden or burlap) and pen holder is a must to give the feel of an old fashion celebration. Include a rustic wedding card box for the guest to add their cards to. This box (shown below) has a burlap banner with it. The ring bearer can carry the bride's ring in a wooden box instead of the ring bearer pillow. This box is a personalized gift, which includes the couple's initials and date on the top of the box. Inside the lid has HIS" & "HERS". Barn, country style and outdoor weddings have become more popular and trendy.

The Country Barn Babe is a custom handcrafted shop offering rustic product on their site and Zazzle.

Where to Have the Wedding

Have an outdoor wedding at a park or in the country. Dinner and dancing inside rustic wedding style barn or under a large tent are some ideas for the non-traditional wedding couple. The entire wedding and reception can be held outdoors. The ideal time for this celebration would be during spring, summer, and early fall. Depending on where you live, all of the seasons will work nicely for an outdoor wedding. Not in Wisconsin or any seasonal state. Unless the wedding party and guests are equipped with their ski equipment or snowmobiles!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Dog Cards and Stickers

Greeting Cards with Dog Photos

Happy Birthday dog cards and stickers are shown in this Birthday with Dogs Zazzle collection. Give a greeting card out to those whose best friend is the fury type. Photos of dogs for that animal lover with cute party hats and expressions, will put a smile on anyone's face. Some of these cards have quotes on the inside with humor about old age Other cards are funny cards with a little dog humor and a play on words. One card is blank on the inside (not intentionally). This card you can add your own personal message the inside to give it that custom touch. Any of these dog birthday greeting cards is customizable and you can replace the photos and text to make it completely your own. Matching birthday stickers are available with these cards.

These are from the Kingdomofanimals Gifts store on Zazzle.

Our Dog, Buddy

Personal note: On February 2, 2016, our German Shepherd dog named Buddy Boy turned 14 years old. If he could read (though sometimes, I think he can), I would give him a card with one of these dogs on it to wish him a happy birthday.

Fourteen is old for a large dog like Buddy. He is 98 years old in human years. His legs are failing him though he is still healthy and a lovable family member.

Dog Greeting Cards

More woofing good doggie cards below. These all have matching stickers which can be viewed on the Party Animal Category at Kingdomofanimals Gifts. Other products with these images can be made upon request.

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