Friday, June 12, 2015

Light Blue Camouflage Gifts on Zazzle

With these light blue camouflage gifts it may be hard to see them since they are camouflage. But look closely and you may see some wonderful gift ideas for Father's Day, for the guy or gal in your life or even yourself. Below are only a small collection from one of the Ten Gift Shops on Zazzle by Sandyspider, which includes nearly everything they have to offer there. The light blue camouflage is not too bold, has a comforting surreal look and would accessorize with what a person wears. Plus don't forget to have some fun and games. (Photo above is shown on Hiding and Fun in Blue Camouflage - Polyvore

Clothing and Accessories

Fun and Games

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Virgin Islands Caribbean Theme Gifts

When you think of a vacation you often think about the islands. These products will bring the islands to you and enhance any environment with a Virgin Islands Caribbean Theme. From the bright sunset to the red flowers they can brighten your day. Buy for yourself or give as a gift that for that special person in your life.

Photos for these products were taken by the multi-talented Denise Bennerson. She is known for her award winning wedding and portrait photography in the Virgin Islands.

Homelandcollections Gifts on Zazzle is only a small part of her amazing talent online.

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